Jim Harbaugh Dons Sweatpants, Sleeps Over at Recruit's House

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterJanuary 20, 2016

Tony Ding/Associated Press

Who's up for some Harbaugh and chill?

First off: Relax. It's not like that

"Harbaugh and chill" is totally innocuous. It's just you and the boys throwing on sweatpants and watching roughly 12 hours of Judge Judy and shows about Hitler maybe not being dead. First one to grind their molars to the root wins.

This is at least how I picture a TV-and-chill sleepover with Jim Harbaugh. The Michigan Wolverines head coach stopped by the home of 4-star high school defensive end recruit Connor Murphy on Tuesday night and spent the evening hanging out in casual duds instead of his formal khakis.

I know this much: Physical evidence suggests at least moderate levels of chilling were achieved:

John Raoux/Associated Press

As the Detroit Free Press' Mark Snyder noted, this is part of the Harbaugh recruiting strategy. He will sleep at your house—or, at the very least, wear lounge clothing inside it for extended periods of nighttime. Because strong chills build stronger wills.

That feels like something Jim Harbaugh would say.


Jim Harbaugh is looking refreshed and ready for another day above ground after his sleepover at the Murphy household, per Scout.com's Brice Marich.

Note the khakis have returned to their rightful place.

After school, "Jim Curry" hit the court in his khakis to show off his hoops game:

Alas, the recruiting trip had to end eventually:

There's no doubt it was a recruiting visit to remember.

---End of Update---

Dan is on Twitter. Twenty minutes into Harbaugh and chill, and Jim gives you that look like "You want to re-shingle the roof?"

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