LeBron James' Nice Overcoat Gets Turned into an Internet Meme

Katie Richcreek@BookstoreKatieFeatured ColumnistDecember 15, 2015

LeBron James was still feeling this nice overcoat a few weeks after he debuted it, so he shared a casual mirror selfie wearing it on Instagram late Monday night.

Little did he know the Internet would have its fun. Or perhaps he should have known. Either way, the Cleveland Cavaliers star's latest fashion statement quickly earned its place as a meme.

Leading the pack was a reference to Inspector Gadget:

Maurr @HeatnBuckeyes

Gnight. https://t.co/Hs2HzAgXmR

Followed by another casting, this time for Space Jam—only in a slightly different role than fans would likely imagine:

And many other comparisons:

Barstool Sports @barstoolsports

LeBron getting his Raphael on https://t.co/7iS2UxzpyL

Zach Harper @talkhoops

Are we here yet? Did I skip ahead too much? https://t.co/RowIgAwoI1

yc @yc

LeBron getting roasted over a NICE coat, Twitter would've ruined MJ's career https://t.co/bay525DvUU

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