WWE Survivor Series 2015 Results: Top Highlights and Low Points

Anthony Mango@@ToeKneeManGoFeatured ColumnistNovember 23, 2015

WWE Survivor Series 2015 Results: Top Highlights and Low Points

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    If you're looking for the bullet points results for WWE Survivor Series 2015, you're out of luck, as this is the list that breaks down only the best and the worst moments of the night.

    As with any pay-per-view, there are things that go right and things that go wrong, even if the build to that specific event is met with total chaos.

    Going into this year's Survivor Series, WWE was tasked with not only starting to plan for WrestleMania but to do so without their preferred WWE World Heavyweight Championship match.

    With Seth Rollins out of the picture, a tournament was created to fill in the gap, and it took precedence over everything else. WWE essentially put all of its eggs in the basket of this guaranteed new champion angle. Did it pay off?

    Lost in the shuffle of that insanity was the namesake of the pay-per-view itself, the Survivor Series tag team elimination match, which had not properly been advertised on television and didn't have any participants announced in advance.

    On one side of the build, the forces of nature were on the line as The Wyatt Family faced off against The Brothers of Destruction for control over whatever sorcery they have at their fingertips.

    When the smoke had cleared, did it end up being just a silly show of lights, or would the WWE Universe look back on it as true magic?

    It's time to analyze the positives and negatives of Survivor Series 2015 with a breakdown of the biggest highlights and low points, presented in order of appearance.

Highlight: The Kickoff Receives an Elimination Match

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    Obviously, the pre-show isn't the focal point. Nor should it be. However, there's a difference between not wanting to give it the spotlight and making it valueless.

    Beforehand, it seemed as though this was going to be one of those cases where it consisted of nothing but video packages that have been shown over and over again. Thankfully, that wasn't the case.

    Seeing as how there were well over 20 Superstars who didn't have a match at this event, it made perfect sense to include a secondary Survivor Series match on the Kickoff.

    This was a great means to give the fans some action, as well as a taste of what was to come later on and the featured wrestlers some time to showcase their skills.

    The surprise of Goldust's return was particularly fun and perhaps the highlight of the match itself. What comes out of that is yet to be seen, but there's potential for a feud between the Bizarre One and his brother, Stardust.

    Without the addition of this bout, the Kickoff would have been entirely skippable, but this saved it from being a waste. Instead, it was a very good use of time and a welcome change to the card.

Low Point: No Sole Survivors

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    Even the referee is a winner!
    Even the referee is a winner!Credit: WWE.com

    One of the most entertaining aspects of Survivor Series is when the odds are stacked against a single wrestler who has to fight back to defeat the opposing team.

    Sadly, despite having two elimination matches on this card, that didn't happen during either.

    In the pre-show, only Neville was taken out of the victors, which in itself is a disappointment. That left four out of the five babyfaces to reign supreme.

    In the second elimination match—which should have been more valuable but appeared to have the same quality as the Kickoff bout, if not worse—a similar scenario happened.

    Ryback, Kalisto and Jey Uso were all still left on their team by the end, meaning seven out of the 10 babyfaces weren't eliminated at this event.

    While some could argue it's a good thing to see a little boost in the credibility of multiple people, the counterargument is nobody stands out when everybody is special.

    Think about how much more it would have meant to see Kalisto stand tall by himself rather than celebrating with Ryback and Uso.

    Neither of these matches will go down as particularly memorable, and considering how little thought WWE put into building them up, it's not surprising—just sad.

    Survivor Series used to be one of the Big 4 events of the year, and the namesake match of the event was put on the back burner so much this year people will forget one even happened.

Low Point: Divas Championship Match

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    A few months ago, the Divas division was red hot and seemed as though it was finally going to be legitimized. Sasha Banks and Bayley alone have put on some of the best matches of the year in the entire WWE, let alone the NXT's women's roster.

    Similarly, Paige facing Charlotte for the Diva's Championship at a Big 4 event should have been amazing, but it fell short.

    Instead of two very talented wrestlers going out there and putting on an awe-inspiring show, this match felt like a slightly more glorified version of the standard bathroom-break scenarios.

    Perhaps there was too much stink still left on this feud over the Reid Flair promo, which was noticeably not mentioned at all and edited out of the video packages.

    Alternatively, maybe it was just the placement on the card, following the Survivor Series match and being before the much more important Brothers of Destruction vs. The Wyatt Family bout.

    Things have clearly fizzled out for the Divas Revolution, though, as this just didn't match up to expectations.

    It was far from awful, but if you take away the idea of judging it based on "normal Divas match quality" and put it on the same pedestal as the men's matches, can anyone really justify it being a highlight of the show?

    Nothing special took place, neither woman pulled out something different that we haven't already seen, the chemistry just wasn't as palpable as it was with Sasha Banks and Bayley and,  in the end, the biggest part of this match was Charlotte's weak spear to Paige on the security barricade, which was hardly impressive.

    If this feud is going to continue, the promos are going to need to receive a massive upgrade to convince fans to invest more into the matches or they will be duds like this was.

Highlight: The Brothers of Destruction vs. the Wyatt Family

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    Let's be honest—unless this match had some sort of weird booking to its ending or the two teams had zero chemistry, this was pretty much guaranteed to be a highlight.

    You can't put The Wyatt Family against The Brothers of Destruction and not have it be one of the more interesting things on the show, even if the build for it left much to the imagination.

    Seeing The Undertaker and Kane chokeslam Braun Strowman through the table made the crowd pop considerably, and it was a smart choice for Luke Harper to be in the match to make sure the action in the ring was as good as possible since Strowman could have taken that down a level.

    Classics such as the sit-up spot also put a smile on everyone's faces and a chill down the audience's spine.

    Would this have been better if it were 4-on-4 with people such as Sting and Finn Balor involved? That's definitely possible, but it also probably wasn't necessary. Sometimes less is more, and too many cooks could have spoiled this broth.

    You could complain the younger folk didn't defeat the relics or that no crazy angle took place to make you excited for TLC, but in the end, I think most people would agree that this was still a lot of fun.

Highlight: WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament

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    There are undoubtedly going to be two camps of people when it comes to opinions for how the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament turned out.

    On one side of the fence, there will be people who are upset the person they wanted to win the championship didn't leave with the belt. Either you're a Roman Reigns fan who is upset Sheamus cashed in his Money in the Bank contract or you wanted Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens or Alberto Del Rio to take it in the gold.

    On the other side of the fence, there will be people who found this to be an exciting finish with a good twist that followed three great matches.

    Taking each match out of the equation and ignoring the final outcome, it'd be hard to find many people who didn't enjoy the road to the finale.

    Reigns and Del Rio had a better match than what could have occurred, and Owens and Ambrose proved once more that they are two of the best on the roster when it comes to getting the audience involved in their matches.

    Reigns and Ambrose was a good story of brother vs. brother, and if you're a fan of The Shield and were hoping to not see any heel turns take place, you got your wish in that regard as well.

    Your mileage may vary on whether Sheamus was a good choice to leave with the title, but whatever position you may have, it's hard to deny the shock that will resonate across the WWE Universe.

    What are your thoughts on WWE Survivor Series 2015? Do you think the highlights outweighed the low points? How would you rank the matches that weren't spoken of in this list?

    Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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