NBA Meme Mania: Even Chuck Norris Wishes He Was Steph Curry

Dan Favale@@danfavaleFeatured ColumnistNovember 6, 2015

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Everybody wants to be Stephen Curry right now.

From those shirtless fans with the No. 30 shaved into their chest hair, to manufacturers of ankle braces, to the Michael Jordan of 25 years ago, everyone wants to be like Steph.

Even Chuck Norris, I think.

Speaking of which, Chuck Norris memes are still a thing. And why wouldn't they be? Chuck Norris is a fully bearded, all-powerful, crime-fighting, time-bending, pose-striking American hero.

He's just not Stephen Curry, who is too unreal to actually be real, though he's somehow actually real. 

Immortals such as him deserve memes of their own—especially with the season he's having. So, naturally, NBA #MemeMania is back for Round 2, this time in the name of Stephen Curry, the superhuman basketball deity Chuck Norris idolizes.*

...And Then Chuck Norris Woke Up


Stephen Curry miss?

Good one.

To be honest, it does happen. Rarely. When it does, we prefer to call them "offensive-rebounding opportunities," not "misses."

Grizzly Meat


Sure, the Golden State Warriors' nylon-nuker seems like a sweet man-child (it's the eyes), but really, he's a cold-blooded killer, forever stalking his prey.

The Memphis Grizzlies found that out the hard way in their Nov. 2 loss to Golden State. Curry led the charge in a 119-69 onslaught, scoring 30 points on only 16 shots in just over 28 minutes. Unreal.

Best of all, his night included a little bit of everything. There were three-pointers (four of them), assists (three), steals (three) and the usual number of Cirque du Soleil shots:

Deadspin @Deadspin

Stephen Curry: still incredible. These were back to back plays: https://t.co/IJM5TGu0TX

There was even dancing:

Not to mention a little bit of history-making, per ESPN Stats & Info:

ESPN Stats & Info @ESPNStatsInfo

Stephen Curry:148 points through 4 games. In last 40 yrs, only Michael Jordan scored more in first 4 games of season https://t.co/IyyEFgaDLy

That's a career night for anyone of mortal descent.

For Curry, it's just another Monday.

G.O.A.T. Fever

Original photo: Getty Images.

Seriously, don't try understanding Curry. It's a futile endeavor. He is impossible to figure out.

Aside from breaking the league's player-efficiency-rating scale, there's this, per NBA.com's John Schuhmann:

John Schuhmann @johnschuhmann

It's super early, but Stephen Curry ranks as the league's 3rd most IMPROVED shooter: https://t.co/KKHWXnfk9s

And this, per Bleacher Report's Andy Bailey:

Andy Bailey @AndrewDBailey

Average Threes Made Per Game: Minnesota Timberwolves: 3.3 Brooklyn Nets: 3.8 Memphis Grizzlies: 4.8 Utah Jazz: 5.0 STEPHEN CURRY: 5.6

And this, per Hardwood Paroxysm's David Vertsberger: 

Verts @_Verts

They say Stephen Curry once shot a square block into a circular hole. From 30 feet. With a hand in his face.

Smell that? It's Curry setting fire to Michael Jordan's greatest-of-all-time resume as LeBron James looks on in awe.

How Good Is Steph? Too Good

Original photo: Reuters.

How good is Curry?

Put-Anthony-Davis'-absurd-length-to-shame good:

Voodoo-handles good:

Change-his-middle-name good:

Golden State Warriors @warriors

This just in: @StephenCurry30 has changed his middle name to "Are You Kidding Me?"

Claim-the-reigning-champion-Warriors-are-actually-better-than-last-year-even-though-that-team-was-one-of-the-best-squads-ever good:

Alex Kennedy @AlexKennedyNBA

"We're better than we were last year." - Steph Curry https://t.co/eQDtUvWXSa

Look, Curry is just good, OK? 

Is It the Shoes?

Original Stephen Curry photo: Posterize.com.

Last season, Kyle Korver posted the best effective field-goal percentage (67.1) in league history for players to average at least one three-point make per game. Curry is on pace to shatter that mark while averaging almost twice as many made treys as Korver.

I know it's still early, but dang.

Related: Legend has it that Curry once looked at a ball, and it went in.

Dribble Like You Mean It

Original Photo: Associated Press.

Check it: On Halloween 2015, Curry dressed up as himself and scared the crap out of the New Orleans Pelicans defense:

R.I.P. everything we thought we knew about anything ever.

*Chuck Norris has not approved this message.

Stats courtesy of Basketball-Reference.com unless otherwise cited.

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