When You Can't Beat Them On The Field Make Them Laugh Off It

Boris YovchevCorrespondent ISeptember 19, 2009

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - APRIL 16: Manager Ozzie Guillen #13 of the  Chicago White Sox blows a bubble against the Tampa Bay Rays on April 16, 2009 at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

Something is terribly wrong with the sports people inhibiting the city of Chicago these days.

Not only are teams from the Second City displaying abysmal performances as of late but they are also trying to keep their fans entertained with some pretty hefty performances during press-conferences.

On Sunday night, after the Bears suffered a loss in their season opener in Green Bay, Jay Cutler showed the media how much respect he has for them. It is time someone tells Cutler that his theatrical behavior could only bring him headaches in the future.

Athletes often forget that they get paid millions not because they benefit society in an indisputable way, but rather because the community needs entertainment.

Cutler, sir, please next time you are asked a question don't act like it was the cameraman, and not you, who threw four interceptions after an offseason in which based on behavior one would have thought that you are the top quarterback in the league.

But Jay Cutler looked like a divine character compared to some true acting stars on both the north and south sides of town. On Thursday, Ozzie Guillen went bonkers after his White Sox surrendered a game in which they led until the very end.

I was listening to his tirade on the radio this morning and I think I heard more bleeps than Ozzie's voice. Now that was one mad man. 

Apparently, Ozzie's son, who is somehow on the White Sox payroll, had stolen a lesson or two from his dad's book and was sitting in the clubhouse tweeting away some shameful expressions and comments that I will not even try to relate to this audience. 

For those of age willing to suffer brain damage due to loss of brain cells while reading an incredibly enlightening tirade, I suggest you go online and find the tweets.

And please do not tell anyone I said that.

Of course, no Chicago sports outrage this year is complete without the honorable mention of some popular north side characters; namely Lou Piniella, Milton Bradley and Carlos Zambrano. 

I just have one question for you boys.

What did the drink dispenser and the audience that by default abandons any hope for a World Series by September ever do to you? 

Being a fan of teams from a different state feels rewarding right about now.


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