Interview With Future Cardinals Third Baseman Matt Foote, Part One [Humor]

Matt 'Frostin' FooteCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2009

This is an interview I conducted with future St. Louis Cardinals third baseman Matthew David Foote. You have no clue how hard this was to get.

Full Name: Matthew David Foote

Age: 14

Weight: 165

Hight: 6'0"

Position: Third Base

Number: 2, 17

High School: Mehlville Senior High

College: N/A

Born: June 1, 1995. St.Louis, MO

Bats: Switch

Throws: Switch

Biography: Been playing third base for three years now. Basic average .300+ hitter. Can muscle the ball when needed. Crazy glove, can catch nearly anything when on. Amazing arm, can get it to first very quickly. Can bat left or right. Thorws right, has been working on left arm as well.


So Matt, you have intentions of playing in the MLB correct?


Specifically for the Cardinals at third base?

"Again yes."

Why do you think you are qualified?

"Well, I have incredible defense. I'm not the power hitter, but I will hit .300."

Hmm...being only 14, what do you think this says of you?

"Well I'm hoping that someone will say 'Hey, this kid can play some D. Nice sweet stroke. Watch him, see what happens when he turns 16, 17. Maybe get him ready for draft day.' You know?

Yes. Yes. Is there anything you want to say to anyone who will read this?

"Yeah, first, watch your kids, they may have a special talent that is hard to see. Second, I have been labeled as a not profile player, but all I can say to those people is 'Then why can't you take over for me?' In fact a teammate once told me I'm better then you at third, I told him,then why aren't you playing here?"

Nice, interesting stuff. Well seeing as you have to run thank you for your time, and best of luck.

"Thank you. Thank you for wanting to talk to me as well. Maybe we can speak again someday"


There you have it. Matt Foote. Stay tuned for my second interview with him which will be released a couple days from now, where we talk about life, baseball, and almost everything else.


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