Best Alternate Jerseys to Watch for This NBA Season

Giancarlo Ferrari-King@@GiancarloKingFeatured ColumnistSeptember 14, 2015

Best Alternate Jerseys to Watch for This NBA Season

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    The NBA is a league that genuinely puts a lot of effort and bravado into uniform design. Countless teams are given the chance to rebuild their images with jersey changes and adjustments.

    With each passing season, it feels like we get presented with a brand-new series of uniforms. This year that pattern stayed true. Leaked images of uniforms combined with classic versions we've seen before gave us a good feel for what to expect.

    Looking at all of the options and possibilities, here are some of the best alternate jerseys to watch for this season.

Charlotte Hornets: 'Buzz City'

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    The rebirth of the Charlotte Hornets was awesome on so many levels. Besides getting a whiff of that "Larry Johnson slamming, Alonzo Mourning jamming '90s goodness," we were given a chance to see their mesmerizing color scheme back in action.

    Besides rocking a classic look, the Hornets introduced their "Buzz City" alternates earlier this year. A black jersey with sharp aqua lettering works extraordinarily well. Forget the fact these jerseys have sleeves—they really look good, and that's all that matters.

San Antonio Spurs: 'Camo'

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    Eric Gay/Associated Press

    Usually, the San Antonio Spurs are anti-flashy when it comes to uniforms. Their traditional black and white garments have been a part of the club's culture for years now.

    So it was surprising when the Spurs unveiled this crazy camouflage alternative back in 2013. Usually worn to pay homage to our military, this camo uniform took off.

    It also weirdly fits what the Spurs like to do. These things are efficient, effective and humble—three traits that also define the United States of America's military. Let's hope the 2015-16 season is a time when these alternates get pushed back into the fold.

Phoenix Suns: 'Civic Nights'

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    All black everything isn't just fashionable; it's also a state of mind. When the Phoenix Suns went against the grain and debuted these "Civic Pride" uniforms, fans were treated to something different.

    It's not like the Suns have never used a black base before. We've seen a version of this worn in the past. The main difference here is that everything has been treated with black besides the white trim outlining the numbers. The stark white numbering is a cool way to keep the Suns' identity intact while trying something new.

    The jersey works, and hopefully for Suns fans, it'll stick around for the next couple of seasons.

Toronto Raptors: 'OVO'

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    Hip-hop superstar Drake's influence on the Toronto Raptors has never been more apparent than with the release of the OVO-themed jerseys.

    Ditching their red and black colorway, the Raptors went out and fused gold trim and white lettering into these Drake-inspired uniforms.

    Brushing the rap politics aside, these uniforms came out beautifully. They create a new look for a team that's on the rise. Maybe these jerseys will became a mainstay in Toronto in due time.

Denver Nuggets: 'Alternate Yellow'

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    The Denver Nuggets' alternates have always been about texture. It may be hard to see that on television, but when you focus in on them (like in the picture above), you can see lush patchwork and detailing.

    Few NBA teams have uniforms as sleek as the Nuggets'. The design team behind each jersey has done a great job of subtly incorporating heritage, colors and logos to create a masterpiece of sorts.

    Above all, the Nuggets' alternate uniforms stand out without being invasive. These are gorgeous uniforms that shine through all of the on-court clutter.

Dallas Mavericks: 'Fan Designed'

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    Mark Cuban's vision for the Dallas Mavericks has been an ambitious one since the get-go. One of his latest ideas was to let fans design an alternate jersey for the franchise and then pick a winner.

    In 2014, the winning selection was announced at a presser. What you see in the picture above is one of the coolest designs in the league. Taking traditional Mavericks colors and blending a cityscape of Dallas behind it was a stroke of genius.

    Look for these bad boys to shine bright in the great state of Texas.

Miami Heat: 'Black Tie'

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    Playing off of Dwyane Wade's fashion sense, the Miami Heat unveiled a "Black Tie" alternate jersey last season.

    The jerseys looked so good that we're all hoping they make an appearance at some point during the 2015-16 campaign. What's cool about these uniforms is they not only embody Wade's style but also the city of Miami. It reminds you of noir nights along South Beach.

    Say what you want about the Heat, but the one thing you can't knock them for is fashionable uniforms. Every thread, stitch and layer they put into these Black Tie uniforms really turned out well.

Chicago Bulls: 'Christmas'

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    The NBA's annual Christmas uniforms are always highly anticipated. That hasn't changed 

    This year we've seen leaked designs scattered across the Web thanks to Paul Lukas of All of the designs that have been presented are refreshing. But the one jersey that really stands out is the Chicago Bulls' version.

    There's something extra special about the script font that gives the Bulls logo a vintage feel. Combined with a red finish, they resemble something out of an old-school Christmas card.

    Assuming these turn out to be the actual jerseys, fans of the Midwest should get excited about spending their loot on these holiday specials.


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