Here's the Pitch: A Case for A.J. Burnett and Andy Pettitte as No. 2 NY Starter

Bronx Baseball DailySenior Analyst ISeptember 16, 2009

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 13:  Andy Pettitte #46 of the New York Yankees sits in the dugout in a game against the Baltimore Orioles at Yankee Stadium on September 13, 2009 in the Bronx borough of New York City.  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

Over the past couple of weeks, while A.J. Burnett has fallen short of expectations, Andy Pettitte has surpassed them. This has led many people to point out that they would feel more comfortable with Pettitte and not Burnett as the team's No. 2 starter in the playoffs.

I don’t blame them, I’ve felt the same way.

After all, we all have visions of Pettitte’s past postseason dominance in our heads. Pettitte staring down John Smoltz and winning a tough game in the World Series. With Burnett, some of our strongest memories are him getting knocked around in Fenway Park (14.21 ERA in three starts there this season).

Taking a look at each pitcher's home and away stats has me on a different thought path heading to the playoffs. With the Yankees a near lock to get home field advantage during the first round, Games One and Two will be at Yankee Stadium, while Games Three and Four on the road.

Now look at these numbers:

A.J. Burnett at home: 15 games, 5-3 record, 98.2 innings, 96 strikeouts, 3.65 ERA, 1.36 WHIP, .235 BAA.

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A.J. Burnett on the road: 14 games, 6-6 record, 84.1 innings, 71 strikeouts, 5.12 ERA, 1.45 WHIP, .258 BAA.

Now, 15 games isn’t a huge sample size, but it's half a season and the difference is about one-and-a-half runs per game. If given the choice, looking at those numbers, I would strongly prefer Burnett to start at home during the first round.

I know what you might be thinking, Pettitte the lefty, should get the start in Yankee Stadium as he would have an advantage staying away from the short-porch in right. The problem is that his season has been much the opposite of Burnett’s.

Pettitte doesn’t seem to like the new stadium:

Andy Pettitte at home: 15 games, 5-4 record, 94 innings, 4.69 ERA, 1.48 WHIP, .283 BAA.

Andy Pettitte on the road: 14 games, 8-2 record, 84.1 innings, 3.52 ERA, 1.22 WHIP, .225 BAA.

Essentially, while Pettitte has been slightly more reliable over the course of the season, especially lately, that should be thrown when talking about the playoffs.

Go with the numbers and let Burnett start Game Two and Pettitte Game Three. That’s where they’ve been the most comfortable during the season, so that’s where they should fall in the playoffs.