The PGA Tour Golfers with the Shortest Tempers

Ben Alberstadt@benalberstadtFeatured ColumnistJuly 3, 2015

The PGA Tour Golfers with the Shortest Tempers

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    If you play golf, you've almost certainly teed it up with one guy or gal who frequently becomes unglued. And here's the thing: Your games of golf don't matter.

    Imagine if that person was, say, missing out on a few hundred grand thanks to a missed putt or losing out on the prospect of collecting a paycheck for the week entirely. 

    Such is the situation for the PGA Tour's best. Thus, in a high-stakes, high-tension environment, sometimes these guys needs to let off a little steam in the form or, say, a torrent of expletives or a club tossed with abandon.

    Here are five of the PGA Tour's finest who need to spend some time in timeout.

Tiger Woods

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    Warning: Video above and link to follow contain NSFW language.

    Another PGA Tour season, another series of profane outbursts from Tiger Woods. The former world No. 1 has seen limited action, but that hasn't limited his potty mouth. 

    Indeed, he let loose at the Masters this year after a poor drive, angrily letting his club fall from his hand at the end of his swing like a bratty teen. 

    Of course, the fact that he's playing some of the worst golf of his professional career and hitting some of the worst shots he's ever struck in competition hasn't helped his mood any. 

    This is the guy who famously kicked an iron several yards at Augusta National. 

    For a few of Woods' many outbursts, check out the video above.

Bubba Watson

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    Bubba Watson has had so many notable negative encounters with caddie Ted Scott that the hashtag #PrayForTeddScott has emerged in the Twitterverse. 

    From arguing with Scott about club selection to having the bag man tee his golf ball up in rain at the PGA Championship at Valhalla last year, Watson and Scott have had some tense moments (not that Scott has ever talked back to Watson or anything). 

    Bubba is also notoriously sensitive to distractions outside the ropes and in his line of sight, often reshuffling fans or complaining that a gallery member is making noise. 

    And, of course, there's the infamous Steve Elkington incident. 

Rory Sabbatini

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    Rory Sabbatini's on-course antics are the stuff of legend on the PGA Tour. 

    Frequently breaking into hysterics over poor shots and getting into verbal altercations with fans and fellow pros, Sabbatini is a real live-wire on the PGA Tour. 

    While there is no shortage of Sabbatini-related anecdotes out there, one of the best involves the golfer becoming unhinged when a Shot Link volunteer, lacking the traditional flag used to mark a player's tee shot in the rough, decided to place a beverage container nearby to signal its location. 

    After berating the poor volunteer, Sabbatini apparently ripped off his belt and flung it to the ground as a token of his rage. 

    Accosting the help (especially volunteer help) is pretty low. 

Henrik Stenson

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    Henrik Stenson's stripping-down-to-his-boxers foray into a water hazard a couple of years back may have softened public perception toward the Swede. 

    However, he still has quite a temper, and he has admitted as much. 

    Stenson has broken more than his fair share of golf clubs on course in frustration (some of his best work, here), but one of his greatest hits has to be the video above. The immediacy of the over-the-head club toss into the water hazard is just's almost an extension of the motion of hitting the golf ball.

    And then the way Stenson doesn't give the toss a second thought, merely taking off his glove and getting ready to putt: brilliant. 

Sergio Garcia

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    The brat prince of on-course outbursts and ill-conceived press-conference remarks, Sergio Garcia has tossed clubs, abused bunkers, spit in golf holes and even thrown a shoe. 

    Possessor of one of the worst baseline attitudes on tour, Garcia's best work includes this club throw and this bunker beating. 

    His defining effort, however, came when he chucked his shoe into the crowd at the 1999 Players Championship. When the gallery tossed it back to the golfer, he wheeled around and gave it a firm, soccer-style kick. 

    It's sad that, blessed with such talent, episodes like these and stupid remarks will define the Spaniard's career, rather than a multitude of wins or major trophies. 


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