Come To Think Of It: Not Sure Where Cubs Will Use Him, But Jake Can Rake

Bob Warja@@bobwarjaSenior Writer IAugust 30, 2009

Well, one thing is becoming crystal clear in this murky Cubs season: Jake Fox can hit a baseball.

Now, I realize I haven't been his biggest supporter but that is largely due to erroneous reports that his defense was so bad that packing a glove was arbitrary.

The truth is, however, that while Fox will never be more than an average (at best) fielder at any position, his defensive shortcomings have been greatly exaggerated by the organization. His bat may actually more than make up for his glove.

But where could he play in 2010? Even if the Cubs are able to dispose of Milton Bradley, it is unlikely that Soriano would move to right to make room for Fox in left. 

That leaves second base. Now, I have previously touched on this subject and have written that my belief is that this position requires too much footwork and accuracy in turning the double play to actually consider Jake Fox doing it on a daily basis. Especially on a Cubs team that is already below average defensively.

If only the National League had the DH...alas, that is not an option, so Fox likely will be a spot starter and pinch hitter for the Cubs in 2010.

But it is difficult to ignore a bat as powerful as Fox in a season when the Cubs are dead last in batting average with runners in scoring position. Yes, it is the offense that has led to this disappointing season, Cubs fans. Sure, the bullpen has struggled at times, and the rotation has had its bumps, but the offense has been offensive in 2009.

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How about catcher? Well, it is true that Jake was drafted as a catcher, but he was apparently moved from that position because he was so bad there. And let's face it, Geo Soto may have had a lousy season, but I doubt the Cubs are ready to completely give up on the 2008 Rookie-of-the-Year so soon.

Meanwhile, it is worth discussing because it has been refreshing to see his offensive prowess in a season where hitting has been such an eyesore.

Just like Ryan Theriot, this makes you wonder why the Cubs waited so long to give Fox his chance. You have to question the Cubs scouting, no?

I don't know what position he will play next season, but I am getting convinced that Jake can rake, come to think of it.

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