Things I Have Not Heard Them Say About Spygate

steve tripeCorrespondent IMay 20, 2008

Alrighty then.  I hope you are reading this with an understanding that I believe Patriots are not only guilty, but as bad as a little kid getting caught red-handed in the cookie jar. 

Yes I am a Raider fan, and no, the Spygate thing isn't the reason the Raiders got the shaft in the snow job game.  We hear that everybody cheats. Really, everyone?  Does everyone rob banks, murder, or steal cars?

You cant clump everyone in the same category.  Belicheck is a pompous man who thinks he's above the NFL's laws. 

But my main reason I thought something was up at first wind of Spygate was the Patriots-Eagles Super Bowl. The Eagles had nine pro bowlers to the Patriots two. The Eagles were destroying the Patriots in the first half and Patriots had no answers offensively.  

Then suddenly, after half time, enough time to show plenty of video, they had every answer for the Eagles defense. Hmm, coincidence? I think not.  The Patriots have been considered a dynasty for all this time with far lesser talent than the opponents who have good coaches and staff themselves.  And after that Eagles game, i said that does it Charlie Weis is a genius.  So how is Mr. Weis doing now.  why does he shut off the people trying to contact him about all this stuff if there's nothing to hide.  Why are any tapes at all destroyed if there's nothing to hide. 

No, my friends—you don't even need to able to read between the lines on this one.  And I know the Raiders have not done it. How could they possibly be losing like they have if so?  There's so much more, but this is just a no brainer. 

And for anyone who says, well, what about them going 18-1? I'll clearly tell them: It's about chemistry and continuity, which the Patriots have built up over all these years. Add one great WR, Randy Moss, and it puts them over the top. 

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Without Moss they would've at least lost two or more games. He completely opened up everything for them after having everything in place already, not to mention Welker—a big surprise.   I'm sure that Belicheck and his coaching staff are good, but we know in any sport chemistry with the core ingredients of the team built up you can be good even without Spygate stuff.

There have been great teams in past before the technology, but usually those great teams have some great star players—more than Patriots have had all these years. 

And the penalty wasn't even a slap on the wrist to Belichick.  Money is nothing to these guys and it wasn't even their highest draft pick. 

Come on, if found truly guilty like O know he is, he should be kicked out of the league.  If you can't win the old fashioned way, by eyeballing and determining game plans, then you don't deserve anything, and I would take all those Super Bowls away. 

The sad thing is all the teams that got jipped out of a shot at the Super Bowl.