Nike's More Than a Game Weekend: From Blogger's Row

Midwest Sports FansAnalyst IAugust 26, 2009

As your average run of the mill sports blogger, I don’t ask for much. The accomodations provided by my mother’s basement are more than adequate. And while I’m still far from my 40th birthday, I see no reason why I wouldn’t enjoy kicking it down here for the next decade plus.

That still doesn’t mean I’m not grateful for an opportunity to step out the house once in a while though.

So when Nike’s media department offered me a ticket to attend the private screening of "More Than a Game" at the Akron Civic Theatre this past Thursday, along with media credentials to cover the Nike Tourstop on Friday, I was more than appreciative.  

Nike’s people were beyond pleasant, and it was great meeting them. Dunktape hijackers they weren’t. However, there was a moment of the weekend that I wasn’t quite ready to step out of the basement for.  And it wasn’t writing my review of the Kris Bellman movie, or posting together my seven-post blogumentary on the Nike event Friday. 

No, my Florida State moment came at the end of the day on Friday, when I stood there, wearing my media credentials around my neck, wondering if I really could go back and write about what it was the weekend left me thinking.       
If I was an unbiased journalist, I would have written what I was thinking.  Luckily I’m not that.  But if I had been, I would have been obligated to write about how I found no evidence, listening to and being around LeBron James for two days, to suggest that he is definitely going to re-up with Cleveland in 2010. 
I would have felt it only right to report the fact that LeBron repeatedly made the point that he represents Akron, and that he never said he reps Northeast Ohio, and he never said he reps Cleveland. 

I would have also had to make mention in my article of the fact that LeBron spoke of the great friends he has made in the NBA, and how one of them was even with him during his Akron homecoming…Chris Paul. 

I wouldn’t, however, have been able to write about how he spoke glowingly of his current Cavalier teammates, and how they were his great friends too, because he never mentioned them either way. 

I also wouldn’t have been able to write about what Shaq, Delonte, or Z said during the two day stop, because they weren’t there. 

If I was a reporter, and someone wrote into my editor and said Chris Paul was only there because he was a Nike guy too, I would have had to write back and said so is Mo Williams…you ever hear of Fog Raw?

I would have then had to close my piece by writing that LeBron never one time said,
"I rep Akron, and I am so glad that I play for a team that is only 45 minutes north of Akron," because he never said anything remotely close to that.  Luckily for me, I’m not an unbiased journalist.

So since I won’t admit what the weekend left me thinking, I’ll just continue to be a biased blogger and focus on planning for the victory parade next June down Euclid Avenue.  What’s the use in worrying about the future anyways…its not like my mom’s gonna raise rent on the basement.  

Besides that, this is a season that presents the best chance Cleveland has had to win a world championship in the last 40-plus years.  And it might be the best chance to win one for the next 40 as well.  No, I’m not going to go there anymore, I’m just focused on the here and now, because this season could be one for the ages. 

But if its not though, and he does…well, that’s another moment I’m just not ready for either.

(Images courtesy of Stepien Rules Head over to Stepien Rules to read Brendan’s excellent coverage of the event.)

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