BYU Long Snapper Gets Tattoo of Himself Snapping the Football

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistApril 5, 2015

via Reddit user deen5526

Long snappers may not get much love from fans, but BYU's Matt Foley is proud of his position.

Like, really proud.

Not only is his Twitter handle "@THE_LongSnapper," but he recently got inked up so people on the street would know who he is. Check out the tattoo Foley recently got on his arm, via Reddit user deen5526:

Matt Foley @THE_LongSnapper

A little in-progress shot for you 🙌 http://t.co/jwrKTAT9YS

A tattoo that detailed certainly took a while to complete:

via Reddit user deen5526

For all of the haters out there, Foley has a simple message for you:

Matt Foley @THE_LongSnapper

10 hours later...it's finally done 🙌💉

Matt Foley @THE_LongSnapper

You all think I care what you think 😂

Give him credit. Being a long snapper means so much to him that he is willing to sit through 10 hours of pain to permanently mark his body. You have to admire that passion. 

[Matt Foley, Reddit; h/t SB Nation]


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