Mexico Coach Miguel Herrera Is Immortalised as a Wax Statue

Sean Swaby@seanswabyUK Staff WriterMarch 19, 2015


If anyone not named Zlatan Ibrahimovic deserves to be immortalised in wax form, it's Mexico coach Miguel Herrera. 

Everyone's favourite manager had that wax honour bestowed upon him when the Museo de Cera recreated the lovable spark plug as a wax statue. 

And it's naturally fantastic. 

"I am very happy and flattered—thank you very much for this deference that make me," Herrera said, per ESPN FC's Chris Wright. "Perhaps there are much more important people who might deserve such an honour, but it means a lot to me that people have requested (my waxwork) and I thank them all." 

Maybe there are more important people deserving, but here's a quick rundown of Herrera's worth in wax. 

He was completely crazy as a player. 

Miguel Herrera @MiguelHerreraDT

Gracias al #museodecera #estoyigualito http://t.co/VlQ0AZunnF

Tom Brady wants to take a picture with him, not the other way around (per Herrera). 

He's anti-bullying. 

Miguel Herrera @MiguelHerreraDT

El me pidió una foto no se quien es, ni si a ganado algo, pero le hice el día al chavo 😄😄😜😜😂😂 http://t.co/jTr7z8QhUH

He loves celebrating, and he loves his players. 

Yolanda Andrade @yolandandrade

“@Jcchavez115: con mis amigos @yolandandrade @MiguelHerreraDT y Jorge #ElBullyingNOesunjuego Gran campaña @thalia http://t.co/joKkP3n6sE”

He's in favour of selfies. 

La Bestia @labestiafutbol

Los #PiojoFestejos no pueden faltar!! @MiguelHerreraDT haciendo único este 2014 jajaja... http://t.co/a5M8AdRcde

He photobombs his own players. 

Miguel Herrera @MiguelHerreraDT

Está es afición los amo gracias por estar con nosotros y este apoyo http://t.co/Wn6JBcHKYU

And he's the owner of the greatest Super Saiyan GIF of all time. 

Miguel Herrera @MiguelHerreraDT

Que tercia y atrás el metíche jajaja http://t.co/SFU9Ni8tZ2

Long live Herrera (in wax). 

[Miguel Herrera, h/t ESPN FC]


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