Like Mets, Citi Field Needs Work

Leslie MonteiroSenior Analyst IAugust 20, 2009

This baseball observer made his first appearance to Citi Field last night, and it was an underwhelming experience as far as the ballgame and ballpark goes.

The Mets played and pitched horribly in their contest against the Braves, and they went on to take a 15-2 loss to the Braves.

A loss against the Braves was not shocking because the Mets are short-handed with their star players being on the disabled list.

What's stunning was Citi Field lacking any appeal.

It looks great watching the game on television, but it looks different when attending a game.

If anyone goes to the lobby or go around the stadium, it looks bland when one sees all over the walls of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda and then on the corridors of the stadium.

How about bright orange and blue colors all over the stadium? After all, it represents the team's colors, not to mention it represents zest all over the stadium.

Would it kill the organization to put some lights around the stadium, too? It looked dark last night when going through the food courts of the stadium.

Speaking of food courts, why are there too many of them around the stadium?

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Food is always a good thing, and people love to eat ballpark food when they go to a baseball game, but to have a food stand all over the area can be overkill, and that's the case here at the Mets' new palace.

How about building a museum that would honor the 1969 Mets or the 1986 Mets?

Fans especially the kids can learn some history about those championship teams. How about a plaque honoring the team's best players around the corridors of the stadium?

The Jackie Robinson Rotunda stands out the most at Citi Field. It's good to read about what Robinson meant to the Brooklyn Dodgers and baseball, and what he went through in baseball.

Even then, the Mets don't get this one right. Why are there captions of those murals on the floor? It makes sense to have the captions on the wall below the murals in the wall of the rotunda.

The Mets should make an adjustment at the entry rotunda by putting up all the murals of the great players that played for the franchise. It would be a tremendous honor to the guys that put their dedication to their craft and to the team.

It won't look bad to have those murals be in the same place as Robinson's murals.

In one portion of the rotunda, fans can see the Robinson murals, and in the other side of the rotunda, they can go see the great players.

It was a struggle to find out where the Mets pennants were located at the stadium. There was no such luck in finding it.

Allegedly, it's there though. The Mets need to make those pennants visible for the fans.

There are good things about watching a game at Citi Field.

The seats are better there compared to Shea Stadium, and anyone can see a good view of the players on the field. The lights on the field are brighter at the new place too.

With that said, fans should have other reasons to go the park other than eating and watching a game.

The team could use some housecleaning after this forgettable season is over.

It's hard to fault Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel for what took place this year, but on the other hand, it's an indictment on Minaya that the Mets could not find any possible replacements to their star players with their farm system being awful.

Under Minaya's leadership, the Mets' prospects have not panned out when they had their opportunity at the majors.

The Mets need to hire a new general manager that would put an emphasis on building a proper farm system, and that guy would be Jed Hoyer, Red Sox assistant general manager.

Hoyer knows what it takes to have a good eye of scouting a talent based on his success with the Red Sox organization.

Rumor is Mets assistant general manager John Ricco is in line to replace Minaya. It would be a mistake since Ricco is part of the management team that fielded a lousy product in recent years.

Manuel did all he could to make something out of nothing this year, and it's not his fault for what transpired, but a new general manager should have the right to hire his own guy so this means Manuel has to go whether it's fair or not.

The fans were apathetic in booing their own team after an typical awful performance last night. After three straight non-playoff seasons, it's time for the Wilpons to do something about it and get fans excited by making a change in management.

Not only do the Mets need a new front-office team, but their stadium could use a facelift.

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