The Beautiful People: The Epitome of Heels, "The Mean Girls of Wrestling"!

Fabian S.C.Contributor IAugust 10, 2009

Let me start off by saying that I am not a loyal fan of TNA. As much as it tends to disappoint from time to time, I am a loyal WWE fan.

One thing that I must say that does catch my eye that belongs to TNA, is the a little group called “The Beautiful People”.

This group originally consisted of Angelina Love and Velvet Sky, and later Madison Rayne. These women are like a pack of wolves, if one encounters an issue with one of them, they must deal with the rest of the group.

In an earlier article, I made a comment on how women’s wrestling tends to be a draw, especially in ratings. In TNA this is, of course, true.

One can search any wrestling news site, look at rating breakdown of each show, and see that TNA gets its most rating from the women. As much as it is criticized, TNA does have one of the best women’s division around, only because it tends to focus on actual wrestling, rather than with looks.

It’s not the most popular, for I believe that award goes to WWE. I personally cannot think of any Knockout that fills in the role of the bikini model persona that WWE fans see in Kelly Kelly!

Each Knockout is truly an accomplished wrestler in her own right, from ODB all the way down to Madison Rayne.

Now back to my original point of view, “The Beautiful People” are arguably one of the greatest heels in wrestling today. The are essentially the “Mean Girls” of wrestling.

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If one were to make a list of heel factions, in terms of entertainment and wrestling value, I am sure these ladies will get a mention. Photobucket

What makes these women stand out so much comes down to three things: arrogance, skills, and charisma. They can come off as annoying as hell (especially when Angelina makes some whiny promo), or as awesome as any top male wrestler.

Not many wrestlers have such traits. Some wrestlers are good in the ring, but crappy on the mic. Some are good on the mic, but crappy in the ring. Some don’t have both.  There is a reason why wrestlers such as Jeff Hardy don’t cut many promos, they are not that good on the mic (not bashing Jeff Hardy, but it’s true).

These ladies are pure naturals. I do believe though that Madison Rayne is the greenest member, but Velvet and Angelina are naturals.  They draw a rise out of the crowd from the minute they walk out into the area, especially in their ring entrance. These women know how to work the crowd, drawing a good amount of heat!

As I mentioned before, the women wrestlers are a draw. There was a time when “The Beautiful People” themselves attracted the highest rating for TNA, and were the most over heels in the company. Today, they are still one of the most over heels in TNA, and today in general.

TNA tends to have a consistency in having a Knockout match/segment in the beginning of the second hour. This position is considered one of the biggest segments of any wrestling show, as well as the last match, and opening segment. 90% of the time, “The Beautiful People” would be involved in the beginning of the second hour. 

This is normally when I would tune in for however long the segment/match is, then tune out. I can honestly say that if someone were to ask me to name 10 wrestlers from TNA, I wouldn’t be able to do it!

If one makes a list of the current female heels today, one would see that these women would more than likely make the top of the list. Michelle McCool has always been criticized for not having that much charisma in connecting with the crowd; and Beth Phoenix doesn’t get enough mic time to actually develop much of a personality.

Yes, Beth is awesome as a heel, and her “glamazon” persona works perfectly for her, but we hardly get to hear a promo from her. Plus, for a good while she was mixing it up with “Santina” and looking like a fool. 

“The Beautiful People” would have none of that! More than likely they would have attacked “Santina” and stripped “her” down, and then given “her” the paper bag treatment! The only other female heel that I see who rivals “The Beautiful People”, is Maryse herself. 


One would argue that Maryse is WWE’s answer to “The Beautiful People”! Hate or love her, Maryse oozes charisma. She works with the audience, and is a natural heel.

We always tend to get a promo from her from time to time, and while in the ring, while still improving, she works with the audience.

From walking down the ramp, to her hair flipping, to her facial expressions, all the way down to her French sayings, she connects with the crowd.

Melina is someone else who is a natural heel. In my book, she is a lot better as a heel than a face. But this article is about current heels.

Now back to “The Beautiful People”, another thing that makes them so great is the fact that they are heels who attack heels. There was a time when Angelina was on the quest to be the Knockout champion, and the group set their eyes on Kong.

Kong is a monster. She is a monster in the ring, and “The Beautiful People” attacked her, and cut her hair! This infuriated Kong so much that she actually spoke! Kong never speaks, and these women made her speak. I believe her promo was along the lines of “ Dumb blond.. Dead blond!”

They’ve attacked Raisha Saeed, Roxxi, and so on. These women are ballsy heels. Hardly does one see heels attack heels. Of course, Kong got her revenge and annihilated Madison and Velvet in the following weeks. Photobucket

In terms of wrestling skills, these women are able to put on good matches. Out of the three, Angelina is obviously the most skilled.

Velvet can be seen as the talker of the group, and in my opinion the most arrogant ( she once walked out with a shirt saying “I am the hot friend” and “Excuse Me, I’m V.I.P.”), and Madison seems to fit the security/body guard role of the group.

I say that, because Madison always tends to cause the distraction while Angelina and Velvet are wrestling. Either way, each woman is trained to wrestle, and can put on a good match when the time comes.

Whether they win or lose, one loves to hates them, but they secretly root them on. To add insult to injury, these women give a paper bag treatment to their opponents, or to anyone they feel needs it.

That’s one of the biggest insults one can give to anyone. “Your face is so ugly it needs to be covered by a paper bag!” These women are essentially saying that everyone else around them is a “buttah face”!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket One cannot deny the appeal of these three women. If they were to ever come to the WWE, they would automatically be the top heels. One can see them secure their dominance over Michelle McCool, Maryse, Mickie, and even The Glamazon herself.

I can personally see a feud between Beth and Angelina, and Velvet and Melina/Maryse.  I can even them getting involve with Legacy.

The last thing that makes these women so wonderful in the world of wrestling, is that they have a little thing called CHEMISTRY! When heels interact with heels, or when wrestlers interact with each other, at times there isn’t chemistry.

When these women are together, one can automatically see that they have chemistry with each other. One can automatically tell that Velvet and Angelina have a strong bond.

Most heel groups tend to fall apart due to dissatisfaction within the ranks (such as Legacy: Ted DiBiase Jr. vs. Randy Orton, Vince’s Devils: Candice and Victoria vs. Torrie). Of course a few weeks ago, Velvet was on Angelina’s case for allowing Tara/Victoria to place a spider on her.

In the end, Angelina had her back, to the point where she put up the Knockouts title against Victoria/Tara and lost it. These women have strong chemistry, and with chemistry comes a strong bond, and with a strong bond, comes a powerful team. Photobucket

These women have the personality, the skills, the charisma, and the looks to be called “ The Beautiful People”! Anyone who has ever come across them, has suffered their wrath, and probably wish they never met them.

One must give TNA props in actually putting faith into these women, and booking them correctly. Now all we need is WWE  to come to their senses, and put some faith in their own division, and give us someone to actually hate or cheer enthusiastically.

These women will always get a rise out of the crowd! Hate or love them, they truly are the “Mean Girls of Wrestling”!