Players I've Already Slighted...and It's Only July

Mitch Wilson@sportschatplaceSenior Writer IJuly 31, 2009

AUSTIN, TX - OCTOBER 25:  Quarterback Colt McCoy #12 of the Texas Longhorns during play against the Oklahoma State Cowboys at Texas Memorial Stadium on October 25, 2008 in Austin, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

For me, it's always a good time to talk College Football. Sure there hasn't been a game for months, National Signing Day came and went, and no less than 22 new Head Coaches have been hired.

I guess it's never too early or too late for me to write something that a ton of people agree with and then a segment of the population feels slighted. Trust me, I don't mean to slight anybody.

I'm a "call it as I see it" type of guy and I rarely write up rankings, though I write up lists all the time.

Apparently, a lot of people seem to think that every list is a ranking and I haven't seemed to let that idea sink in long enough for me to remember it every time I write an article.

While I'm sure these won't be the last players who people feel I've slighted or didn't give them their props, these are the most recent group.

Colt McCoy, QB, Texas

I wrote an article recently talking about the dual threat QB's around the country. It wasn't a ranking and nowhere in the article did it allude to or say it was any kind of ranking.

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In the article it mentions no less than two times that there are many other dual threat QB's around the country. It also mentions that there are many other very good dual threat QB's out there.

But back to Colt McCoy. Last year before the season, I was one of the harshest critics of Colt McCoy. I thought he was overrated and that there was no way he could lead the Longhorns to glory.

I didn't leave it at that. I went on to say McCoy had "happy feet," "looked like a deer in the headlights in the pocket," and "threw balls up for grabs."

By mid-season he was a regular in my popular weekly Ten Top Ten articles in both the top player in the country rankings and players who had the best game of the week.

I said things like "I'm not sure Colt McCoy is ever going to throw an incomplete pass ever again."

While I thought Tim Tebow should win the Heisman, I thought McCoy was second best at worst. I think he enters this season as one of the country's best and his Texas team has at least a shot at the National Title.

Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska

I knew all about Suh but I failed to mention him in my Ten Top Tens for July 2009. Leave it to Bleacher Report's resident Nebraska fanatic and expert Andy Purvis to not only point out I forgot Suh, but also to give us his career highlights and why he might just be the best player to ever walk the earth.

Andy wasn't around last football season, but we're sure glad to have him this year. He may not always be the easiest guy to debate the issues with but he sure knows his stuff.

Back to Suh. Suh is an absolute beast and you know what, I just missed out on him. It's tough to pick the ten best out 5,000 defensive players in College Football this year.

It's also tough to remember all of them, especially when we haven't seen a game in what seems like forever.

I'm sure if Suh plays at the level he is capable of we'll be hearing plenty about him. One of the paces we'll see him is on the podium in this year's NFL Draft.

Robert Griffin, QB, Baylor

Robert Griffin isn't just a great player, he's one of my favorite players. I was on the Griffin bandwagon early and often last season and probably talked about him as much if not more than most other College Football writers combined.

Where I didn't mention Griffin was in my dual threat article. Griffin wasn't just a dual threat, he was one of the scariest players on any field last year.

Griffin isn't just great on the field either, he's a great story. A hurdler who other teams wanted but wanted him to play any other position than QB, he signs with Baylor and new Head Coach Art Briles.

While we all know Briles' story which is a made for TV movie in itself, Briles and Griffin made Baylor respectable last year. The Bears were in games many thought they would have no chance in and I look for them to only be better this year.

Jeremiah Masoli, QB, Oregon

A lot of people were quick to point out I missed Masoli in my dual threat QB article. I only mentioned eight players and I wanted to get some lesser known guys in the mix.

In hindsight, I could have done a part one and part two or gone at least 10 or 12 players. In any event, Masoli wasn't in the article.

There may be whispers about the Ducks having a shot to win the Pac-10 this season but there are enough of them out there to believe they have a legit shot to get it done. A big part of the reason is Masoli.

Here's the truth. I think Masoli is great and can get the Ducks to their potential, wherever that may be. On the flipside, Masoli threw for 13 TD's last year.

Those passing numbers just don't put him in a league with the other guys. At least not yet.

Armanti Edwards, QB, Appalachian State

Here's an honest mistake, I thought he was already gone. The Michigan game was two years ago now and Edwards was the star in that one.

Oddly enough Edwards is a Twitter follower of mine though I haven't been on there too much since last season. Still not sure it's part of the future.

As far as Edwards is concerned, this guy can play. It will be interesting to see which NFL team takes a shot at him after he carries App. State to yet another National Title.

Jake Locker, QB, Washington

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned Locker in several articles already this off-season but I guess not the one where many expected to see him. Washington is a much better team with Locker on the field.

It's easy to go out on a limb and say they are better when the Huskies failed to win a game without him last year.

With Locker in the lineup, Washington was at least competitive and came within a point of beating a pretty good BYU team in one of the more controversial games.

I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more about Locker than about celebration penalties and I look for Washington to surprise some people.

I'm also pretty sure these won't be last set of players I slight this year.

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