Mark Sanchez Recommends Nick Foles Eat Some Chicken Tenders During Giants Game

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterOctober 16, 2014


No one can turn an NFL sideline into a Golden Corral quicker than Mark Sanchez.

The former New York Jets quarterback infamously woofed down a hot dog during a 2009 shellacking of the Oakland Raiders, and it would appear his foraging game has only improved since moving to a backup role in Philadelphia.

So it comes as no surprise to hear that Sanchez is now peddling breaded chicken on the Eagles sideline.

LarryBrownSports.com’s Steve DelVecchio spotted video of an exchange between Sanchez and Nick Foles during Sunday’s Eagles-Giants game. Their conversation involved a certain backup trying to sell the starting quarterback on these bomb tenders they’re cooking at Lincoln Financial Field.

NFL microphones caught the conversation, which occurred late in the Eagles’ 27-0 blanking of the Giants.

“You should try the chicken tenders,” Sanchez said. “They’re good.”

Which leads us to an important question: Where is he getting this food?

How is Sanchez strolling around (clearly a walk-and-eater) with chicken strips? Is there a craft service tent down there? Who did he woo these tenders from?

Granted, this isn’t as bad as the hot dog incident, where he had the gall not only to eat during the game, but to apply condiments.

Foles handled the temptation in stride, but it couldn't have been an easy moment for him.

No one enjoys turning down good chicken strips. Man’s love for breaded poultry is ingrained early in life. Many of us wouldn't have made it past pre-K without chicken fingers.

But there’s a time and a place for appetizers, and Sanchez—bless him—has no barometer for reading those moments.

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