DW's Thought Of The Week: Does Sanchez Make Sense For The Chicago Cubs

David WyattAnalyst IJuly 23, 2009

PITTSBURGH - APRIL 13: Freddy Sanchez #12 of the Pittsburgh Pirates gets ready infield during the Opening Day game against the Houston Astros at PNC Park on April 13, 2009 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

So I was looking around for any trade news that I could find on the Chicago Cubs, and there was nothing of interest. There were some quotes from the Chicago Sun Times saying the Cubs have financial flexibility to make some moves at the deadline.

Browsing the general section, I noticed Freddy Sanchez being linked with the Mariners and several other teams, but there is no mention of the Cubs...why is that?

It's no secret that we have been struggling in offensive terms, much can be attributed to a certain someone out in right field, granted, I accept that. However we have gotten little production from the second base position.

First we have Mike Fontenot, a guy that I love, part of that comes from his playing in the 2000 LSU World Series championship. The other being that he is a good player coming off the bench. I just don't see him as a everyday type guy.

.235 BA, .305 OBP, 7 HR, 30 RBI, 25 runs, .676 OPS

Not awful statistics, but not eye opening either.

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Then we have Aaron Miles, the highly valuable, multi-positional switch hitter, that allowed us to trade away Mark DeRosa. The less said about that the better, after all I think everyone (maybe excluding Jim Hendry) knows how Cubs fans feel about that particular decision.

46 games, .203 BA, .240 OBP, 0 HR, 4 RBI, 15 runs, .500 OPS

Now if you want to see some awful numbers, there they are. People can say that he has not played and that will effect him, but not playing is as big a knock on someone as playing and playing poorly is. Aaron Miles numbers are awful, a .240 OBP?? really!!

We also play Andres Blanco there, however it is fleeting and he is a defensive specialist. We didn't go out and get him, and we made no massive change to start him, he is not a starter by any means.

Now lets have a look at Freddy Sanchez, on a team that ranks 23rd in terms of runs scored, he holds a highly respectable line of:

.306 BA, .345 OBP, 6 HR, 34 RBI, 45 runs, .803 OPS

All nice numbers, especially when you consider that Sanchez is a stellar defensive player as well. In his 451 games as a second baseman, he has committed just 20 errors...that really is something special right there.

On July 19th, ESPN reported that contract talks had broken down between the Pirates and Sanchez. His contract is steep next season, but for a team that is paying a guy in right field $9 million next season, he seems to be well worth it.

Rotoworld has his contract at $6.1 million this season, and $8 million club option next season with a $600,000 buy out. So past this years salary, this doesn't seem to be a problem.

Of course there are a lot of if's and but's. However in principle, do you believe that Freddy Sanchez would be worth bringing to Chicago? Although I'm leaning towards saying yes, I'm just thinking out loud so let me hear your opinions on this.

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