San Antonio Spurs Highlights to Get You Pumped for 2014-15 Season

David KenyonFeatured ColumnistOctober 7, 2014

San Antonio Spurs Highlights to Get You Pumped for 2014-15 Season

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    The 2014-15 NBA regular season is fast approaching, which means it's time to get pumped up for another 82-game slate of fast-paced basketball action.

    We'll rejoice, cry and might even be fortunate enough to win a fantasy basketball championship—like the San Antonio Spurs did last year, except they won the real thing.

    Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Kawhi Leonard and the entire title-winning squad return to achieve something never done by the esteemed franchise: win back-to-back championships.

    Is your heart pounding fast enough yet? Turn the volume up and relive some of 2013-14's best San Antonio memories in preparation for the upcoming campaign.

Cory Joseph Posterizes Serge Ibaka

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    The game was practically decided, and the Oklahoma City Thunder were about to even the Western Conference Finals at two games apiece.

    Serge Ibaka's unexpected return had made a significant impact, altering the Spurs' willingness to attack the rim that had allowed them to dominate at home.

    But Cory Joseph didn't settle for a floater or 15-foot jumper; he instead threw down a massive jam over Ibaka.

    "This may sound corny, but it was kind of inspirational," Matt Bonner said, per 48 Minutes of Hell's Andrew McNeill. "Just to see someone go at Ibaka and dunk it on him like that with the foul. He changed so many shots and blocked so many of our shots, to see someone go right at him like that was pretty incredible."

Patty Mills' Scorching Quarter in Game 5

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    Though Patty Mills won't be available at the beginning of the year due to offseason shoulder surgery, the Australian sharpshooter emerged as a breakout star in 2013-14.

    His most memorable stretch came during Game 5 of the NBA Finals, when the 6'0" point guard buried four three-pointers during the pivotal third quarter.

    Mills' fourth triple of the frame was the definition of a heat-check: He caught a pass short of the arc, took two dribbles backward into three-point land and frosted the Miami Heat.

    San Antonio ripped off a game-changing 28-13 run14 of which came from Mills, who helped propel the Spurs to the final victory needed for a championship.

Kawhi Leonard's Putback Slam

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    "San Antonio" and "putback dunk" are hardly seen in the same sentence without "does not convert a" in the middle, but 23-year-old Kawhi Leonard made the preceding qualifier necessary.

    The Spurs had amassed a 20-point lead before he capped the opening 24 minutes of Game 4 in style. Aided by a perfectly fundamental box-out by Tim Duncan, Leonard took to the air for a rebound and finished the second-chance slam with authority.

    After observing his growth during the 2013 and 2014 postseasons, hype surrounding the Finals MVP will continue to grow throughout his fourth year in the NBA.

    The massive-handed small forward has established himself as a premier defender who fits perfectly in the Spurs' system.

Manu Ginobili Dunks Over Chris Bosh

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    From the "Things You'll Probably Never See Again" department: Manu Ginobili elevating and throwing down over a power forward.

    Chris Bosh was the victim of Ginobili's youthful surge, which highlighted the Argentine's stellar performance during the series-clinching game.

    The Spurs quickly fell behind a Miami team fighting for its championship life, but Ginobili scored 14 first-half points, including a personal 8-0 run that included this left-handed slam.

    He's entering the latter half of a two-year contract, so it might be the final season the veteran sixth man suits up for San Antonio. Ultimately, an emphatic dunk wasn't a terrible way to wind down his career.

Tim Duncan Does Something Fundamental

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    Seventeen seasons since his professional debut, Tim Duncan has ignored flashiness and produced by perfecting the little things.

    What better describes him than a post isolation followed by a one-handed running floater away from the basket? It must frustrate every defender the 37-year-old has ever beaten, because those aging bones shouldn't be consistently making plays near the rim.

    As an added bonus, it irritates the living daylights of Spurs haters, and that's worth a diabolical smirk or seven.

    "Could you have picked a more boring play?" Yes. Duncan grabs a rebound and throws a full-court outlet pass that results in an easy fast-break layup.

    Fundamentals: They win championships, kids.

Tony Parker Spin Cycle Cleans Monta Ellis

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    Parker often capitalizes on slow-reacting defenders, and he absolutely abused Monta Ellis in transition during the 2014 postseason.

    Entering his 14th career season, the point guard still exhibits elite quickness and awareness, while his acrobatic and diverse finishing ability at the rim are matched by only a handful at the position.

    Type "Tony Parker annoying" in your favorite search engine, and the results are quite entertaining. Heck, people are even irked by the shifty ball-handler on video games.

    Whether you root for or against San Antonio, it would be smart to appreciate Parker's immense talents while he's still in the league.

The Spurs System Executed to Perfection

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    If someone is new to the NBA, first off, welcome to a wonderful sport. Second, the Spurs are unquestionably the definition of what ball movement is all about. 

    San Antonio forces a turnover, sets up the offense and earns an uncontested three-pointer following a pair of gorgeous touch-passes.

    "They f-----g ran circles around us," Dwyane Wade told Bleacher Report's Ethan Skolnick in an exclusive interview.

    Love them or hate them, this is the Spurs way. And it's beautiful basketball.