San Francisco Giants GM Brian Sabean Needs to Announce a Plan

Kevin O'BrienCorrespondent IJuly 21, 2009

The secrecy surrounding what Giants general manager Brian Sabean will do at the deadline is getting ridiculous.

It's almost getting as bad as Nike's "Lebron James Dunked-On But We Won't Release the Videotape to the Public" scandal.

On a daily basis, fans are forced to try and guess what Sabean and CEO and managing director Bill Neukom are going to do with the current roster after a surprising first half that had them leading the Wild Card race until they conceded to lead to Colorado last night.

There are basically two camps when it comes to what the Giants should do by the trade deadline:

There are the fans that want to make a trade, and are willing to risk some of the Giants' top prospects for an offensive upgrade.

And there are the fans who want the Giants to stay pat with their current roster, with the idea that next year is the Giants' real breakout season.

Sabean is going to disappoint one camp by the trade deadline. It is impossible for him to please both sides in this situation considering the current baseball landscape.

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In order to get a real impact player, the Giants most likely will have to give up a top-tier prospect.

Who is that prospect?

The lingering feeling for Giants fans is that the player might come from the highly-lauded trio of Madison Bumgarner, Tim Alderson and Angel Villalona.

It is unknown whether it will be one, two or perhaps even all three.

After all, those are really the only players in the Giants farm system that could generate any serious value on the current trade market.

In addition to those three young guns, current Giants starter Jonathan Sanchez is in the mix of trade talks, who is coming off a solid, but not spectacular, start in Atlanta.

Yet after his no-hitter on July 10, Giants fans aren't as willing to part with him as before.

Regardless of the fans' feelings about those quartet of players, Sabean certainly has the quality pieces to make a trade in exchange for a good player.

Furthermore, Neukom has remarked to the media that ownership is willing to expand the payroll to acquire a top talent for the playoff run.

However, as we are 10 days away from the deadline, Sabean remains mum on the Giants' future.

The only things we have heard concerning deals are rumors from various sources on the Internet.

How much credibility those rumors have is still to be determined.

Chances are though, if the recent NBA offseason has showed us anything, the rumors probably don't have much credibility behind them.

We as Giants fans are being left in the dark when it comes to knowing what is going to happen to the team.

Even worse, so are the players and coaches.

With Sabean continuing to say nothing, I'm sure the players on this current team is questioning how long their current group will be together.

With more and more rumors continuing to fly off the sports blog wagon, manager Bruce Bochy is probably unsure how permanent his lineup will be in a couple of weeks.

Everybody, from the fans to the players to the coaching staff is second guessing themselves because of Sabean's unwillingness to announce a definite plan on what the Giants are going to do for the rest of the season.

That needs to stop now, not only for the sake of the Giants organization, but Giants nation as well.

It is understandable that Sabean continues to string everyone along.

He is in the last year of his contract, and with Neukom taking over for Peter Magowan, the man who signed Sabean to his extension in 2007, Sabean is still walking a thin wire in terms of his job security.

The team has overachieved this season so far, and that has certainly made things better for Sabean's image.

However, it wouldn't be a surprise to think that Sabean's next move could perhaps make or break his status as GM.

I know earlier I wrote an article about how Sabean not signing Manny might have saved his job.

Yet, even despite the recent economic recession dictating who does and doesn't keep their jobs, Sabean is in a unique situation at this point of the season when it comes to this Giants squad.

In order to be contenders, this team needs some help on the offensive end.

The recent series against the Pirates, and last night's 11-3 fiasco against the Braves were glimmering examples.

Let's face it Giants. The chances are very high that the current team isn't going to get the Giants into the playoffs.

It doesn't matter who the hitter is. Matt Holliday, Nick Johnson, Freddy Sanchez, Adam LaRoche.

An upgrade is needed regardless.

Bengie Molina can't keep staying in the cleanup spot.

Aaron Rowand needs to be dropped from leadoff pronto.

However, Sabean hasn't said a word concerning an effort to fix those glaring offensive weaknesses.

To be perfectly honest, if he has no intention of fixing those holes, that is actually not a bad thing.

Sabean has spent the last few years trying to rebuild this team from the ground up with players they acquired through the draft rather than free agency.

If he wants to see this plan followed all the way through, and doesn't want to dampen it with a trade that could sidetrack it, then that is perfectly okay.

All he has to do is come out and admit that.

Then, we can move on past these trade talks, and just hope that this current squad can finish what they started in June.

If Sabean is trying to pull a trade, but Neukom and the organization is preventing us from doing so (contrary to what Neukom said about a month ago on The Chronicle Live), that is understandable.

In this current economy it isn't crazy to think that the Giants ownership doesn't have the money it used to.

If Sabean is close to making a trade, but is just panning things out when it comes to the details, there is no problem there...

I think I am starting to make my point here.

Just say what the heck is going on!

We as Giants fans won't be mad with whatever direction he wants to follow.

Some fans will be disappointed, but we won't call for his head like rabid pilgrims during the Salem Witch Trials.

Yet the further he continues to sit in silence as the deadline approaches, and the more he continues to let the rumors in this Internet age spiral out of control, things will only get worse when it comes to his job security.

If a plan isn't announced by him soon to appease this organization and fanbase, Sabean can forget about next season.

He will only be keeping the seat warm for the next GM who will replace him after the season ends.

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