Matt Holliday Needs to Be Benched

Steven ResnickSenior Writer IJuly 19, 2009

LOS ANGELES - JUNE 18:   Matt Holliday #5 of the Oakland Athletics takes the field after striking out to end the eighth inning against the Los Angeles Dodgers on June 18, 2009 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California. The Dodgers won 3-2.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

It is time for the A's to put there starting left fielder on the bench, and leave him there for a couple of games. Lets see if the team plays better without him.

Holliday was brought in to solidify the middle of the order, but instead has struggled mightily. He's had a period of well over a month before he hit a home run. He hasn't been driving runs in, even though he leads the A's in that category.

So, far he's been a horrible acquisition for the A's.

I've been hearing for the last few weeks with the weather warming up the A's bats should come alive. Well it's been warm in Oakland, and the bats haven't come alive yet.

Holliday had a chance to win the game for the A's today, but instead looked outmatched by a 92 mile-per-hour fastball from John Lackey.

I'm confused, isn't Holliday supposed to be one of the better hitters in baseball. If that is the case how come he can't hit a pitch that is begging to be hit?

There's been reports by ESPN and Yahoo about the lack of production from Holliday in the A's lineup. At first I was defending Holliday because he was getting used to a new league and new pitching, but now it is clear that the Holliday experiment is officially over.

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Here's what the A's starting outfield alignment should be: Scott Hairston in left field, Rajai Davis in center field, and Ryan Sweeney in right.

With Holliday out of the lineup Billy Beane should do everything in his power to trade Holliday and to get the most for him. Although, it probably won't be as much as it would have earlier in the season.

He still has some good stats in certain situations, but the season as a whole has been a huge disappointment for A's fans. Especially since Holliday was supposed to add power into the lineup, and so far he's only contributed nine home runs.

Here's a list of players who have hit over nine home runs: Mike Napoli (11), Miguel Olivo (13), Andruw Jones (14), Mark Derosa (13), Joe Mauer (15), Johnny Damon (16), Ben Zobrist (17), Aaron Hill (20), Adam Lind (20), Brandon Inge (21), Russell Branyan (22), Luke Scott (18), and Jason Kubel (15).

Yes, fans knew that Holliday's home run totals wouldn't be as high as they were in Colorado, but to have him struggle this mightily is beyond belief. It is time to put him on the pine, and to keep him there for a few games. Otherwise he's going to further embarrass himself at the plate!