Report: Waffle House Advocates Boycott on Belgian Waffles Before World Cup Match

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterJune 30, 2014

American breakfast in diner (Image Source via AP Images)
Image Source/Flynn Larsen/Associated Press

What’s fluffy, delicious and should get the heck out of America?

According to U.S. restaurant chain Waffle House, the answer is “Belgian Waffles.”

TMZ reports Waffle House is espousing support for a U.S. boycott on Belgian waffles in light of the U.S. men’s national soccer team’s World Cup match against Belgium on Tuesday.

“We support a boycott on Belgian Waffles,” a Waffle House rep told TMZ. “We support America. We don’t support Belgian Waffles.”

TMZ’s Waffle House source added that the chain advises USMNT supporters to eat “American-style” waffles, completing the 2014 World Cup’s first instance of playful, waffle-centric xenophobia.

There appears to be an issue with Waffle House’s campaign, however. A quick Wikipedia scan of “Belgian Waffle” reveals that the food, as it's known in North America, does not exist in Belgium.

“The Belgian waffle is a type of waffle popular in North America,” Wikipedia states. “What is known in North America as the ‘Belgian waffle’ does not exist in Belgium. No single type of waffle is identified as a ‘Belgian waffle’ within Belgium itself.”

The article goes on to state the Belgian Waffle draws influences from the Western European nation but is, essentially, a product that only exists in North America. 


It was fun while it lasted, but choosing not to eat a Belgian Waffle isn’t going to stick it to Belgium.

If you’re looking to take your patriotism into the realm of cuisine, you may want to start by avoiding all forms of fried potato. It turns out that Belgium may have invented the French fry.

They’ve been beefing with France for centuries over who first began cooking up deep-fried potatoes and seem to be winning the argument. So if you see a USMNT supporter eating a side of fries on Tuesday, let them know they’re untrustworthy turncoats.

Freedom fries are a lie.