OK...So Chiefs Fans Want To Speak On The Raider Nation Huh?

OAKLANDRAIDERCorrespondent IJuly 1, 2009

KANSAS CITY, MO - SEPTEMBER 14:  Kansas City Chiefs fans watch as the final minutes tick off the clock in the Chiefs 23-8 loss to the Oakland Raiders on September 14, 2008 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Recently, I've seen two articles posted on the Oakland Raiders section of Bleacher Report with Chiefs fans trying to talk some booty-ass nonsense. For the last month, Raiders fans have been giving Denver Horse fans the business, but now it looks like the Kansas City fans are finally stepping up to the plate for some humble pie.

Shall we dare take a look into the Kansas City Chiefs franchise?

Last season the Chiefs went 2-14. If it wasn't for two lucky wins vs Oakland and Denver, Kansas City would have matched the Detroit Lions going 0-16.

However, the past is the past, and things have changed in Kansas City... or so they claim.


What have the Chiefs done this off-season? I mean, really?

Todd Haley? Before the 2008-2009 season began Chiefs fans had no clue who Todd Haley was. Will he turn around the Chiefs?

If it wasn't for the Cardinals run, he would of never been up for a head coaching job. Besides the fact that Arizona has Fitzgerald, Boldin, Breaston, and a super bowl winning QB in Kurt Warner, there is a big difference in talent.

OK OK OK...you got a new coaching staff, that is a start.

Who do the Chiefs have at WR? Dwayne Bowe? Bobby Engram? Jeff Webb? Mark Bradley? Terrance Cooper? Devard Darling? Rodney Wright?

Other then Bowe, all of those guys are garbage. Bobby Engram won't have the season he had in 2007, and those other five guys you have at WR are no-names. Only Chiefs fans know those guys' names. 

I can already hear the Chiefs fans now saying, "Well, what about Matt Cassell?" There was three reasons why Cassell had minor success with New England.

First off, look at the Pats offense compared to the Chiefs offense. Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Sammy Morris, Kevin Faulk, Ben Watson.

Second, Matt Cassell knew the system like the back of his hand after being a backup for so many years, plus the Pats O-Line is better then Kansas City.

And Third, New England has a better defense then the Chiefs.

Also, the fact that the Chiefs are trying to label themsleves the Patriots West? Ya'll are hella bootsy if you are trying to be like New England, or think because you have the GM and QB that you will win like New England.

That is the weakest shit I've ever heard...Patriots West. Get off their nuts.

Shall we look at the Chiefs' other tight ends on the roster?

Last season, Tony Gonzalez had 96 catches, over 1,000 yards, and 10 touchdowns for your offense. Who in the world is going to replace him for the Chiefs? Let's be honest....

Brad Cottam–last season he had seven receptions for 63 yards

Tony Curtis–spent three seasons with the Dallas Cowboys.He has 11 receptions for 50 yards in his career.

Sean Ryan - six year player who has been on four different teams (49ers, Jets, Dolphins, Cowboys) for a career total of 12 receptions for 105 yards

Jake O'Connell is a rookie.

Tom Crabtree is a rookie.

All of these guys suck. Your WR's, expect for Bowe, are garbage, and your tight end group could be the worst in the NFL. Teams around the NFL will game plan to shut down Dwayne Bowe.

Who in the Chiefs' passing game is a play maker? Who? No one, the Chiefs don't have a passing game.

The reason why Bowe was getting so many receptions was because so much focus was on stopping Tony Gonzalez. Now that Gonzalez is gone, so is the Chiefs' passing game.

Not even Matt Cassell can save the Chiefs. Your offensive line is nowhere near as good as New England's.

Your running game is up for debate. Last season Tyler Thigpen ran the ball 62 times. That is a lot for a QB to be running in the NFL. What does that tell you about the Chiefs' offensive line? No QB in the NFL should have to run 62 damn times.

Thigpen was running for his life. Matt Cassell is slow compared to Thigpen.

You can make the case that Kurt Warner didn't run a lot in the Haley's offense in Arizona, so we will see.

As for Jamaal Charles? He had two good games last season. Only two out of 16, and that was in a loss to Tampa Bay and a lost to Miami.

He's quick, but very small. Truth is, he isn't that good as runner; he is best when he is catching the ball. If Larry Johnson gets hurt, this is your main back. Scary. I'm shaking in my boots.

As for Larry Johnson, your 30-year-old running back, he has to stay on the field this season. He has missed a lot of games in the last two seasons.

Johnson and Bowe are the only weapons this offense has. They will be game-planned for each week, and shut down. The Chiefs' offense will be garbage this season. If Johnson or Bowe gets hurt, then the Chiefs are in major trouble.


The Chiefs have one of the worst defensive units in the NFL. Not even a new scheme can cover the skills of their players on defense.

Last season they allowed 28 points per game, and close to 400 yards per game. Thus explains a 2-14 record.

What have the Chiefs done on defense? Switching to a 3-4? You think that's going to help Chiefs fans? You still got the same old, washed, bootsy-ass players out there from last season.

Tyson Jackson was a wasted pick. He hasn't even played a snap in the NFL, but out of all the needs that the Chiefs have, with the third-overall pick in the NFL draft you're going to take a DE for a 3-4 system?

Glenn Dorsey was rated higher then Jackson. Dorsey is garbage, and now you're trying to tell me Dorsey will be playing the other DE in a 3-4 system? Wow.

Who will be playing nose tackle? Tank Tyler? How bootsy can you guys be? Those guys will get blocked and run on all season long. Tank Tyler? WOW.

Trevor Scott, our sixth-round pick from last season 2008 draft, will have a better year then Dorsey and Jackson put together. Yes, that a bold statment, but it might just happen.

Who else?

Hali? His stats have gotten worst each season. That's the whole reason you guys drafted another DE, because Hali wasn't doing his job.

Who else?

Turk Mcbride? Alfonso Boone? All of those guys are garbage. I'm sorry, but they suck. You can't be serious with that pass rush.

Next, let's look at the Chiefs' old, slow-ass LB's

Zach Thomas–Thomas is old. He had a good year in the Cowboys' system, but look at the Cowboys D-line compared to Kansas City's. They had Ware and Ellis.

Zach Thomas will be the lone bright spot, but lets be honest, he has lost a step. He brings in veteran leadership, but this isn't the Zach Thomas from 1996-2006. Thomas' numbers will drop.

Mike Vrabel–Another guy whose stats have been dropping every year. That's why New England was willing to give this guy up, because he is old.

Darren McFadden is going to juke the    out of either Zach Thomas or Mike Vrabel. Those guys can't keep up with that kind of speed.

And if we use Michael Bush, Bush will run those old guys over.

Derrick Johnson is the best LB on the Chiefs, but we'll see what he does this season. There will be plenty of chances for tackles due to the fact that the Chiefs won't be stopping teams for first downs, and the Chiefs defensive line sucks.

Last, but not least, is the Chiefs bootsy-ass secondary. There is no way any DB on the Chiefs will be able to keep up with Darrius Heyward-Bey's 4.2 speed, or the fact he is 6'2 and will out-jump the Chiefs DB's.

Chaz Schilens, Johnnie Lee Higgins, Darren McFadden, Zach Miller, DHB, Louis Murphy...the Raiders are about to whoop your ass. I promise.

Jerrad Page and Bernard Pollard are the worst saftey combo in the league. How many times have these guys missed tackles, or let WR's get behind them. I'm surprised that Chiefs fans even root for these guys still.

Brandon Carr stays getting burnt game after game.

Brandon Flowers is 5'9 and slow, and sucks at balls in the air.

Who is going to help at DB? Travis Daniels? Maurice Leggett? Jon Mcgraw? Donald Washington? Mike "Chicago don't want you anymore" Brown? I mean, who is back there that is going to stop top WR's in the NFL?

What I'm hearing on these forums is that the Chiefs will be contenders soon. I just don't see it. The Chiefs are garbage...they lost their best player to Atlanta, the offense is bad, and the defense is among the worst in the NFL.

The Chiefs have a unproven head coach, and a QB who is coming from the New England Pats' offense. Keyword: New England.

You can't be serious if you think Kansas City will be good this season. Have you guys seen their schedule?

Week 1 at Baltimore - L

Week 2 Oakland - L

Week 3  at Philly - L

Week 4 New York Giants - L

Week 5 Dallas - L

week 6 at Washington - L

Week 7 San Diego - L

Week 8 - BYE

Week 9 at Jacksonville - L

Week 10 at Oakland - L

Week 11 Pittsburgh - L

Week 12 at San Diego - L

Week 13 Denver - W

Week 14 Buffalo - L

Week 15 Cleveland - W

Week 16 at Cincy - W

Week 17 at Denver - L

Kansas City will go 3-13, at best 5-11.

Please look at those games and tell me where the Chiefs will win. They are going to get the shit beat out of them game after game this season. The Chiefs won't be making any noise in the AFC West. The Chiefs will finish dead last in the AFC West.

It's sliver and black time. It's time for the Raider Nation to once again rise and take over the AFC WEST.

Chiefs fans are the last people on earth to be trying to hate on the Raider Nation.

The Chiefs haven't won a damn playoff game since 1994...that's so weak. All you guys do is get beat. The last time the Chiefs were in the Super Bowl was 1970, and most of ya'll chiefs fans weren't even born yet.

So before ya'll Chiefs fans come on here with all this rah rah crap, just remember who you guys really are; losers.

Chiefs fans don't want it with the Raider Nation. Everyone in the NFL knows the Raider Nation has the best, most hardcore, and most loyal fans.

The Black Hole. Ya'll ain't     with us. We will stomp your face until we see that red Chiefs blood, and then spit in your eye like a pirate and say "Town Bizness" while doing so. We are cut-throat and hyphy in California.

As for current day Chiefs vs. Raiders...last season was only a preview of what is to come this season. The first game ya'll couldn't even sell out your opening home game of the season. Week Two, we whooped ya'll sorry-ass team up and down the field that game. Mcfadden and Bush both went off.

In the second game, man that was some bullshit, but you guys stole that win from us. We should of never done that fake FG.

Tony Gonzalez had a great game, but he is gone now. It was a close one, 20-13, but this season will be much different, as we have upgraded. We are nothing like the team you last saw. The beatdown we put on Kansas City this season will be ugly.

Ya'll hate on the Oakland Raiders because we are better then you. I don't care about that head-to-head six game lead you guys want to rep. The fact is, we have three Super Bowls, more AFC West Championships, a better team now in 2009-2010, and the best fan base in the NFL.

The only fans the Chiefs have are in Kansas City. Raiders fans are all over the world. If you take a Raiders' logo to China, they are going to say, "Oakland Raiders, Town Biz."

If you take a Chiefs' logo to China, they are going to be like,
Arrowhead Water, you drink, you drink."

The Tomahawk Chop, and all those other goofy-ass war chants, are so bootsy and wack. Only in Kansas City would they do that square shit.

Enter Oakland and you enter Raider Nation. We thugged out at our games. We fire up grapes, rev up motorcycles, and slap Tupac and Mac Dre before the games. We get the party cracking, Bay Area style.

And on top of that, your mascot is that square-ass wolf. Bring his ass with ya'll to Oakland...have him walk through the Black Hole and see what it do.

     the Chiefs Week One game. Just be ready for Oakland Week Two.


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