D-Backs' Luis Gonzalez on alleged 2003 steroid user list

Jon ParksContributor IJune 30, 2009

LOS ANGELES - SEPTEMBER 23: Luis Gonzalez #20 of the Arizona Diamondbacks swings at the pitch during the game against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium during the game on September 23, 2006 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

RotoInfo.com, a fantasy sports web site, has posted what is rumored to be the list of players who tested positive for steroids in 2003. No. 100 on the list of 103 appears to be former Diamondback Luis Gonzalez.

It is important that I reiterate that the list is “alleged” to be the infamous list, and at the time there is no confirmation from anyone that the list is legit. However, taking a glance at it will reveal many of the names we already knew, and many others that seem to be no-brainers.

The reason I used the term “appears” to be Luis Gonzalez is because of the way the list is structured. Players are listed by their 2003 teams with which they started the season.

For example, Shea Hillendbrand was acquired during the 2003 season by the Snakes, but is listed at the top of the list with the other 2003 Boston Red Sox players. Raul Mondesi is listed with the Yankess; he was also acquired by the D-Backs during the season.

So what’s the problem?

Gonzalez is listed near the bottom of the list with the NL West teams. The potential problem is that there are no other D-Backs listed.

Gonzo is sandwiched between Guillermo Mota, a Dodger, and Todd Helton, a Rockie. If you remember, the Colorado Rockies had a Luis Gonzalez of their own, but the Rockies’ Gonzo didn’t join the big league club until 2004.

There are no other minor leaguers listed on the list, so it looks as though it is Arizona’s beloved Gonzo. If this list turns out to be legitimate, it would indicate that Luis Gonzalez did, in fact, test positive for steroids in 2003. Calling into question most of his career with the D-Backs.

There are eight former Diamondbacks and one current D-Back on the list: Shea Hillendbrand, Raul Mondesi,Jose Guillen, Troy Glaus, Richie Sexson, Roberto Alomar, Juan Cruz, Shawn Green, Eric Byrnes, and Luis Gonzalez.

Gonzo hit .325 in 2001 with a career high 57 home runs and 142 RBI. He was acquired for Karim Garcia and cash prior to the 1999 season. In his first year with the Snakes he hit a career high .336, with 26 HR and 111 RBI.

In 2000 Gonzo hit 31 home runs, and never again hit more than 28 in any season following 2002.

IF this report is true, it is truly a shame! Not only did Gonzo power the Snakes to their first World Series in 2001, but actually won it with his bloop base hit over the head of the drawn-in Yankee shortstop, Derek Jeter, in the bottom of the ninth inning of game seven. Would that ball have traveled as far if Gonzo didn’t have a little extra strength?

Who knows?

I just hope for the sake of Phoenix sports and the entire state of Arizona that this list is a forgery.

What a shame it would be if arguably the most loved figure in our sports history was in fact a fraud!

The only professional sports title in history of the state would be tarnished forever.


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