UFC Fight Night 42: 5 Reasons to Watch

Riley Kontek@@BigRIlesMMAFeatured ColumnistJune 3, 2014

UFC Fight Night 42: 5 Reasons to Watch

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    The UFC was busy last weekend, with two cards held on two continents. Don't rest your eyes too much, though, as the UFC has another event on this Saturday.

    Headlined by lightweight contenders Rustam Khabilov and Benson Henderson, it promises to be a fun night with Fight of the Night contenders scattered throughout the card. John Dodson, Diego Sanchez and Yves Edwards are just a few names on show, and there is no way their brand of violence can disappoint.

    Need five reasons to watch this weekend? Here they are, as a way of selling you on this weekend's affairs. 

Former Champ vs. Future Contender

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    Benson Henderson is a two-time champion in the WEC and UFC who is considered among the top five in the world at lightweight, per UFC's official rankings. Rustam Khabilov represents the young blood of the company looking to break through to the next level.

    It's the perfect storm.

    Khabilov gets the biggest test of his career here in his first-ever UFC main event. To this point, he has dominated competition in the Octagon, earning a reputation as a suplex machine and an absolute monster on the mat.

    Henderson has a style that could make this fight a technical chess match. He similarly likes grinding on guys and wearing them down with the clinch and the mount.

    This will at the very least be a decent fight. With that being said, the competitors have the contradicting styles required to make this a really interesting affair.

The Real "Yes" Movement

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    Daniel Bryan owes Diego Sanchez a huge thanks for starting his "Yes" Movement in the WWE. Sanchez is the originator of that chant.

    However, taking a page from pro wrestling, Sanchez has become a Tommy Dreamer-like "innovator of violence" when it comes to the cage. He takes massive punishment and dishes it out as well.

    Known for his bloody, incredible brawling style, Sanchez takes on a striker with good technical prowess in Ross Pearson. It's a clash of styles that promises to be an easy Fight of the Night contender.

    Miss this fight and miss something spectacular. 

Dodson's Rematch Audition

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    To get the rematch, John Dodson will have to win a rematch.

    Dodson wants Demetrious Johnson, but he will have to go through John Moraga to get there.

    Based on his record, notable wins and close fight with the champ last year, Dodson should have received a title shot over Ali Bagautinov. His quickness mirrors Johnson's, which is why he may be the best matchup for the champ.

    As for his fight with Moraga, it is a rematch from a couple of years ago. Dodson won that fight, but it was close and could have gone either way.

    With Moraga a former title challenger as well, one has to believe he is also a couple of wins from re-earning a shot at Johnson's title.

    Either way, this should be another dynamite fight.

Mulligan Fight

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    Remember Patrick Cummins? He's the guy who talked himself into a late replacement fight against Daniel Cormier and then ate his words (despite the fact nobody really gave him a chance, anyway).

    Well, he's getting another chance and hopefully makes the most of it, as he is a good prospect.

    Cummins' initial fight with Francimar Barroso fell through, so he takes on Roger Narvaez—normally a middleweight—on short notice. It is a fight that promises to give him another chance of proving his worth with the UFC.

    Give Patty a mulligan for his UFC debut. He faced near-impossible odds. 

You Guessed It...Free TV!

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    I'll say it once, I'll say it a thousand times if I have to. This event is on free TV, so there's no reason not to be excited about that.

    Not only that, but it's a very solid card on free TV. MMA fans, notorious complainers, often cry about how unstacked a card is. This is a different story.

    The main card alone is worth the time and effort to watch. The prelims aren't half-bad, either.

    There is no reason you can't watch this card if you are free Saturday.