Insanely Fast Knockouts

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistApril 4, 2014

Insanely Fast Knockouts

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    Denis Tyrin

    If you've ever spent a bunch of money to watch a boxing or MMA bout, I'm sure you can agree that the hope is for the thing to last longer than a few minutes.

    Unfortunately, though, that's not always the case, as sometimes a fighter just lands that one punch that knocks his opponent out cold within seconds.

    And these videos honor those who have done it, with the most insanely fast knockouts I've seen.

Sechew Powell vs. Cornelius Bundrage

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    Knockout Ticker: 15 seconds

    This one was a bit strange.

    With both fighters coming out aggressively, Sechew Powell and Cornelius Bundrage swung once, and both went to the ground in a flash.

    After the ref got them both composed, Powell sent Bundrage to the ground for good—with a neck punch—making him silly and stumbling around the ring just 15 seconds into the bout.

BJ Penn vs. Caol Uno

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    Knockout Ticker: 11 seconds

    Japanese fighter Caol Uno may have thought he was beginning to make his mark in UFC, but the second—well, 11 seconds—that he met BJ Penn, that all changed.

    Getting destroyed by an onslaught of Penn punches, Uno went down in just 11 seconds in his third UFC fight.

Jeremy Williams vs. Arthur Weathers

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    Knockout Ticker: 10 seconds

    Since he had nine straight knockouts coming into this fight, many probably thought that Jeremy Williams would, in fact, beat his opponent Arthur Weathers.

    But did anyone foresee this coming?

    I mean, seriously, 10 seconds after the opening bell, Weather was picking himself up off the ground, falling victim to one of Williams' nasty hooks.

Neil Grove vs. James Thompson

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    Knockout Ticker: Nine seconds

    Was James Thompson's stare longer than his actual fight with Neil Grove?

    I honestly think it was, as the nine seconds it took for Grove to send Thompson to the mat was just as unimpressive as the weak form he showed in trying to kick and swipe at him.

    Look, I couldn't last any longer in a fight, but one would think a pro fighter should.

Chris Willems vs. Akoni Nakila

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    Knockout Ticker: Nine seconds

    Like in most sports, one of the cardinal rules in fighting is to protect your head from getting hit.

    It's too bad that Akoni Nakila wasn't able to remember this simple rule, as he went down hard after getting a nasty kick to the dome from opponent Chris Willems—in just nine seconds.

    Taking a hit like that, I have a good feeling that Nakila's swollen head was worse than any hangover we've ever experienced.

Bernard Hopkins vs. Steve Frank

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    Knockout Ticker: Eight seconds

    It had to be insulting that Steve Frank trained and worked his butt off for a shot at Bernard Hopkins and a middleweight title bout, only to last eight seconds.

    But forget about the wasted opportunity by Frank. How about the staredown by Hopkins afterwards, once his opponent finally got up? B-Hop rubbed it in, reminding Frank to never make the mistake of entering the ring with him again.

Mike Tyson vs. Dan Cozad

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    Knockout Ticker: Eight seconds

    Everyone might know who Mike Tyson is now, but back in 1986 when he was an amateur, he was still unknown.

    Sending his poor opponent Dan Cozad to the mat in just eight seconds changed all that, though. Tyson's knockout wasn't just impressive by showcasing strength and speed; it became the fastest knockout in amateur boxing history.

Todd Duffee vs. Tim Hague

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    Knockout Ticker: Seven seconds

    What's with so many fighters leaving their face exposed during a fight? Don't they know it's like pinning a bulls-eye there for a punch?

    Tim Hague's mind must have just gone blank when battling Todd Duffee, because he did just that, allowing Hague to jab him in the kisser before putting him on the mat for good in just seven seconds—which, for a while, was the fastest in UFC history.

Ryan Jimmo vs. Anthony Perosh

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    Knockout Ticker: Seven seconds

    I'm not sure what's more impressive with Ryan Jimmo: his knockout of opponent Anthony Perosh in seven seconds, or the robot dance moves and splits he busted out following the victory?

    Regardless of the answer, I wouldn't want to be Perosh—dazed, confused and lying on the ground in pain.

Corey Conway vs. A.J. Leone

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    Knockout Ticker: Five seconds

    How long does it take someone to slam a beer? If they're lucky, maybe about seven seconds?

    While I wouldn't try to attempt it too much, see if you can finish one before 18-year-old Corey Conway knocks out opponent A.J. Leone in his first ever fight—which lasted just five seconds.

    Talk about making a good first impression.

Angel Torres vs. Gabriel Krizan

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    Knockout Ticker: Four seconds

    Angel Torres won't be winning any points for sportsmanship following this cheap-shot knockout of opponent Gabriel Krizan.

    As is customary in boxing, two fighters usually knock gloves as a gesture of good luck and kindness.

    Not Torres, though.

    Within seconds of the bell ringing, he took the opportunity to belt Krizan in the face with a nasty jab, sucker-punching him for a four-second win.

Chris Clements vs. Lautaro Tucas

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    Knockout Ticker: Three seconds

    "Red rover, red rover, send Lautaro Tucas over."

    That's what fighter Chris Clements seemed to have said after he clotheslined the hell out of his poor opponent, taking him to the ground in just three seconds for a victory in 2011.

    For all you kids out there who might enjoy playing Red Rover at recess, it might be time to rethink it for fear of something like this happening to you—because it looks brutal.

Ait Said vs. Unknown

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    Knockout Ticker: Three seconds

    It might be a good thing that I wasn't able to find the name of the fighter in this video who went down in just three seconds against Ait Said.

    Seeing how it took his manager longer to wrap his gloves than he was able to last in the fight, he might be embarrassed to see his name here.

Norifumi Yamamoto vs. Kazuyuki Miyata

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    Knockout Ticker: One second

    Acting as if his opponent stole something, Norifumi Yamamoto took off toward his opponent as soon as he heard the bell, sending Kazuyuki Miyata to the ground within one second with a flying kick.

    It was a bold move by Yamamoto, but seeing that Miyata was on his back and knocked out after one second, I'd say it paid off quite nicely.

Mike Garret vs. Sam Heron

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    Knockout Ticker: One second

    At first glance, it's obvious that one guy was entering the Octagon a bit more overmatched than the other—at least going off just physical appearance.

    And unfortunately for fighter Sam Heron, his bout against Mike Garret a few weeks ago went just as one would expect: fast.

    The scrawny Heron was unable to last even 61 seconds, as he took a swift kick to the dome that sent him to the canvas. As a result, Garret set a new world record for the fastest knockout ever.


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