MLB.Com Is a Scam, Don't Even Bother

Steven ResnickSenior Writer IJune 7, 2009

When I first saw that I could be able to watch my favorite team on my computer while on the Internet, I jumped at the opportunity too be able to see my favorite team the Oakland A's play.

At this moment in time I'm wishing that I hadn't bought into the service because for $19.99 it isn't worth it. The premise was great the idea of being able too watch your favorite team if you weren't in their viewing location for TV, you could watch online by signing up for the service.

There's a basic service and then there's the premium service. I have the premium service which gives you the ability to download MLB.com's Nextdef plugin too watch the game in a higher quality.

Let's just say when it is working it is great, but that's very rarely that it is working and usually it switches from the high definition Nextdef to standard mode.

Even if it does finally work correctly there's something that usually happens so you're not able too watch the game whether it is the streaming going to a lower feed, technical difficulties, game being unavailable, and of course if you're too frustrated from waiting for the game feed to come back the message of too many logins during a specific time frame, so you either have to wait or contact customer service, and there are other issues as well.

When you purchase a product you expect it too work at least for the majority of the time. In this case though MLB.com works less than 50 percent of the time and even if you do go watch the archived game the same issues occur.

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I believe the problem with MLB.com is that they put too many features where you can watch four games at a time, pause the game, having the dvr functionality, etc...

Each one of these have contributed to the fact that even with those features the problems that have been experienced are the fact that you are not able to watch the baseball game in its entirety without being interrupted at least two to three times due to issues with the stream.

It is time for MLB.com to get on the ball and start offering a better product because it is embarrassing for baseball that a product like this is even offered. At this point if you're thinking about purchasing the service don't even bother because the only thing that you'll get from it is disappointment.