Athletes Who Were Not Impressed

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Athletes Who Were Not Impressed

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    Oh, pardon me. I didn't see you there, darling.

    Were you saying something? I do apologize, I was polishing my sports trophies and completely missed it. These crystal bowls gather dust like Members Only jackets. You know how it is...

    What's that? You don't know how it is? Are you not moved by my many awards and mantle furnished with the complete box set of Oz?

    Suit yourself—some people are difficult to impress. The athletes in this slideshow certainly aren't quick to applaud the efforts of others, at least not in a genuine way.  

    These are athletes who were not impressed, and they expect each and every one of us to pick our game up. 

Vince Carter Marvels at John Wall's Dominance

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    "Yea! Two-foot shot in yo FACE! Kanye West I AM A GOD!"

    John Wall proceeded to—what's the term?—"turn up" after scoring a rafter-shaking dribbler in the lane against the Mavericks earlier this month.

    Wall focused his bravado upon Vince Carter—a man who himself had once celebrated in a similar fashion, albeit Carter's celebration came in response to dunking over a seven-footer at the Olympics.

    Clearly, Carter knew he'd been put in his place.

Jim Brown Is Meh on Trent Richardson

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    If falling forward for two yards is the measure of a great running back, we wouldn't even have the Pro Bowl.

    Roger Goodell could just fly Trent Richardson out to Aloha Stadium, set up hedgerows and broadcast four hours of him stumble-diving through foliage.

    Unfortunately, the ability to succumb to gravity isn't the hallmark of a great NFL running back, and Hall of Famer Jim Brown wasn't afraid to point out Richardson's less than impressive performance in the league.

    It's not that Richardson is bad—he's just not good

George St-Pierre: Not Impressed, but Polite

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    Canada—home of the handshaking trash talkers.

    Canadian MMA fighter George St-Pierre couldn't say a mean word if he wanted to. Even in the midst of deriding opponent Matt Hughes, St-Pierre wouldn't stoop to name-calling. 

    He congratulated Hughes, told him he didn't care for his style and the two shook hands for reasons unknown.

Richard Sherman Gives Roddy White a Hand

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    Seeing as opportunities to rub victory in Richard Sherman's smug face come few and far between, Roddy White took full advantage of such a moment in January of 2013.

    After burning the Seattle corner for a 50-yard touchdown, White opted to throw the occasion in Sherman's teeth instead of celebrating.

    Sherman responded in the most Richard Sherman manner possible, smiling and clapping his white mittens together like some kind of cartoon villain.

Tony Gwynn Jr. Has Dealt with Your Kind Before

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    He doesn't know you, but he knows you.

    Like any other pro ball player, Tony Gwynn Jr. has run into his fair share of hecklers—albeit few as uncreative and lame as the man screaming at Coors Field in this video.

    Unlike most players, however, Gwynn Jr. has figured out a hilarious way to say "try harder, bro." 

He Knew It Was Coming, Didn't Care

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    The "Welcome Back, A-Rod" tour of 2013 featured its fair share of bruises for the Yankees third baseman.

    Rodriguez went to bat like a birthday boy lining up for his dead arms—dead arms he'd earned in response to his alleged steroid use.

    That being said, the smarmy sandbagger took his lumps in stride, laughing off the pain with a smile bordering on defiance. You're buzzing hard, little bees—but guess what?

    A-Rod's the honey badger.

McKayla Maroney Still Not Impressed? Still Not Impressed

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    Obligatory McKayla Maroney slide.

    She refuses to be impressed and/or moved by your tawdry shenanigans. Moving on.

Tommy Lasorda Doesn't See Any Reason to Recognize You

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    Tommy Lasorda doesn't appear too happy with all this ice around and whatnot.

    The Dodgers great showed up to drop the ceremonial puck at a Los Angeles Kings game in December, 2013, and seemed far from jazzed about the entire proceeding.

    Lasorda stepped out to center ice, shook hands with Anze Kopitar and turned for the door without so much as a look at Dallas Stars captain Jamie Benn.

    To be fair, Lasorda seems hellbent on making this a tradition.

Danny Green: Your Childish Plays at Distraction Are Weak Sauce

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    Juwan Howard and a Miami Heat assistant attempted to throw off Danny Green's white hot hand during the 2013 NBA Finals. 

    Green appreciated the gesture—namedly their willingness to abandon all professionalism on the grandest of stages—but would prefer if they tried harder next time.

Rafa LoL's at Your Head Games

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    After working over Australian pro Marinko Matosevic with a gorgeous front hand, Rafael Nadal returned to his box and found a peculiar sight.

    The video doesn't show it, but Matosevic knocked over Nadal's meticulous bottle arrangement on the way back to his own bench. 

    Nadal—an obsessive compulsive when it comes to his equipment—laughed off the cheap gamesmanship and went on to beat Matosevic in straight sets. 

Charles Barkley Wants Nothing to Do with You People

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    With nary a flinch or a fleck of a smile, Charles Barkley sat by and eyeballed his colleagues on Inside the NBA tear up an penstrumental (hey-o!) jam session as the cameras rolled.

    As has been well-established in the past, Barkley doesn't do anything remotely goofy or entertaining on air. 

Calipari Puts on the McKayla Face

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    Not an athlete. Doesn't matter.

    You can't see this 2012 picture of John Calipari cocking his lips in such a nonplussed manner and exclude it from this slideshow.

    Not much grabs your attention when your program stockpiles blue chip recruits like firewood against a carport. 

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