Brewers Blog: Bye Bye Julio

Joe KleiberCorrespondent IJune 2, 2009

After the way Jorge Julio stunk up Florida last night, his name should be changed to Jorge "Stinkio." Jorge Julio gave up four runs and could not even get an out in relief of Jeff Suppan. He has pitched himself off the team as the Brewers released him today and called up 30-year-old Mike Burns from Triple-A Nashville.

The Brewers got off to a quick start last night, but Suppan only lasted five innings and their bullpen arms have been worn out recently so they had to bring in Julio and he didn't get the job done. This wasn't surprising considering Julio's career and this is just another team he has let down. The Brewers are still in first place, but for how long?

The Brewers have to make a move if they want to stay in first place in the NL Central. The Cubs are struggling right now, but they can turn it around at any point once they get Aramis Ramirez back and their offense wakes up. The Cardinals are going to stay in the race all year unless Chris Carpenter goes down again. Their pitching staff is one of the best in the NL right now with a healthy Carpenter.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: The Brewers MUST pursue Jake Peavy. It is going to take a lot to bring Peavy to Milwaukee, but he has limited his options. If the Brewers stay in the race at the trade deadline, they should go for it again like they did last year. Peavy might waive the no-trade clause if he sees the Brewers are a contender and that they really want him.

Now, it's not the same since CC Sabathia was going to be a free agent, but they could hang on to Peavy long-term. The Brewers have the prospects to make a move and I think they should break the bank and do it, because they probably won't win the division with their current rotation. They can afford to trade Alcides Escobar, who is one of the top prospect shortstops in all of baseball, because they have JJ Hardy.

The Brewers are off to a hot start with 30 wins, but the Cardinals are right on their tail.  You can never count out the Cubs, so they'll have to do something to stay in it. If they can't get Peavy, then they should pursue a Cliff Lee or Erik Bedard, should the Mariners keep falling in the standings. They have options and they need to pull the trigger at some point.


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