Ten Possible Free Agent Targets for the Boston Celtics

Bobby Ryan Jr.Correspondent IMay 31, 2009

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Unfortunately, the NBA Finals are starting this Thursday night, and the Boston Celtics will not be participating in it.

It sucks, I know.

So now we have to move on to the next best thing: playing Danny Ainge's job as the Celtics GM.

The Celtics will have a ton of decisions to make this off-season.

Aside from trying to fill up roster spots with Free Agents from other teams, they have a few players from their current roster whom they have to make a decision on: Glen Davis, Rajon Rondo, Eddie House, Stephon Marbury and Mikki Moore.

This article will be based on the top ten players who I think they should take a long look at from other rosters.

10. Dahntay Jones

A lot of people don't realize this, but Dahntay Jones was on the Celtics pre-season roster during their 07-08 training camp. Unfortunately, the Celtics released him prior to the start of the season.

Jones is the type of player the Celtics would of killed to have during this post-season run. He is an extremely athletic perimeter player, a hard-nosed defender and an athletic player with the basketball.

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Not quite a James Posey offensively by any means, but close enough on the defensive end.

Jones made just under $800,000 last year. The perfect type of contract for a team well into the luxury tax.

9. Flip Murray

Ronald "Flip" Murray would be one hell of a back up point/shooting guard, especially if the Celtics lose Marbury to free agency or House to his player option.

Murray can score with the best of the bench players in the NBA. He would immediately provide much-needed relief to Ray Allen's aging ankles. He can shoot the ball from the outside or put it on the floor and go to the basket.

He made $1.5 million last year. The Celtics would pay that in a heartbeat.

8. ZaZa Pachulia

Zaza is big body. He is a legit big man who can bang with anyone in the NBA. He would provide solid backup minutes to both Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Garnett.

ZaZa also played for coach Doc Rivers while in Orlando. They had a very good relationship.

The downside however is that ZaZa made $4 million last year. Most likely due to that fact, he would be a stretch for the Celtics to sign. That's why he's so low on my list.

7. Antonio McDyess

The Celtics pursued McDyess this past season after he was released by the Denver Nuggets as part of the Iverson/Billups trade. Unfortunately for the Celtics, he chose to go back to Detroit.

Would the Celtics pursue him again after that? I would say yes. However, I can't say for sure.

It is common knowledge that KG and McDyess have had their differences in the past. However, KG did give his consent this past season.

McDyess is a year old, but he would proved the type of power forward minutes we need: a rebound and shot maker. This would be especially true if Big Baby left for another destination.

McDyess only made $600,000 last year, so financially he makes all the sense in the world.

6. Trevor Ariza

The Lakers defensive stopper, Ariza is sure to demand a few lookers this off-season. He has performed exceptionally well during this post-season.

Previously known only as a defensive player, he has become a true weapon on the offensive end, especially from long distance.

Ariza made $3.1 million this past season and that is sure to jump up into the $5 million range. Because of that, he is a true "reach" for the Celtics.

The only way I could see this as possible was if the C's lost Big Baby and they offered him $5 million as the backup small forward for the next three or four seasons. I just don't think the Celtics would make that much of a commitment.

5. Jamario Moon

Moon made an immediate impact in Miami this season once he landed there as part of the Marion/O'Neal trade.

Considered a throw-in on the deal, he became a starter at the small forward position and a main contributor.

Moon can jump out of the gym, he is extremely athletic, he can defend the perimeter positions and score the ball from the outside or by driving.

Moon made just under $700,000 last year. The only bad thing is that he is a Restricted Free Agent, so the Miami Heat can match any offers.

The Celtics would be fools not to look into him seriously.

4. Matt Barnes

When Matt Barnes signed with the Phoenix Suns last year, as a Celtics fan I was livid. When I saw that he only signed a one-year deal worth only $800,000, I wanted to jump off a building.

Matt Barnes was the closest thing to James Posey that the Celtics could have got. Not only that, but he's not too far behind Posey.

He can defend three positions: the shooting guard, small forward and power forward. He can shoot the long ball, post up, rebound, and he's a very solid perimeter defender.

Barnes is the type of player the Celtics would have loved to have had to cover Rashard Lewis in the second round of the playoffs.

They made the mistake of not signing him last off-season, I don't think they will make the same mistake twice if given the chance again.

3. Grant Hill

Grant Hill reached a milestone this past season: he played all 82 games for the first time of his career. An amazing stat, considering his injury-riddled past.

The only milestone left: a championship.

Hill and Doc Rivers were together in Orlando and the two were extremely close. Doc has hinted that he would absolutely love to have Hill as a member of his team again.

I fully expect the Celtics to make a hard push at Hill. He wants a title. They need a perimeter veteran to spell minutes for Pierce and Ray. Match made in heaven, you would think.

Best part of all, he only made $2 million last year, well within the Celtics' price range.

2. Marcin Gortat

Gortat has opened a lot of eyes this season in the Magic's run to the NBA Finals. He is a true legit 7-foot backup center.

He has very good hands, he can rebound with anyone, he's a solid post defender and has a decent enough offensive game.

The Celtics coaching staff was more than impressed with him in the Celtics/Magic second round match up. Both Doc Rivers and the C's owner Wyc Grousbeck praised his game.

However, he is a restricted free agent, so the Magic can match an offers made. Since they have Dwight, they need a backup to protect him. The Magic would be fools not to match any offers made to him.

Then again, the Celtics would be fools not to offer him a nice deal anyways.

1. Chris "Birdman" Anderson

Quite possibly, no player more than Birdman has opened more eyes during this postseason so far.

Prior to the start of the post season, he was mainly known for serving a two-year drug suspension. Now, he's known as the extremely colorful, but talented "guy with all the tattoos" on the Denver Nuggets.

This guy can do it all on the defensive end. He will block anything even remotely close to the basket. If he doesn't block it, he will at least alter the shot. He can rebound. He runs the floor like a deer compared to most big men. He is so athletic, it's scary.

His offensive game needs work, but because he runs the floor so well and is extremely athletic, he gets his share of easy baskets.

Birdman made only $800,000 last year. Little to say, he's getting a raise this summer.

He is a restricted free agent. Denver can match any offer. Birdman is a cult figure in Denver, so the front office will face pressure from the fans to sign him.

However, will they match the offer that he will probably receive, in the full mid-level range? I'm not too sure.

Someone is going to get lucky and sign this guy. I just hope it's the Celtics.

So, those are ten of the guys that the Boston Celtics should look at.

You may not agree with the exact order I put them and that's fine, but you get the idea. The Celtics will be lucky if they can land even one of these guys.

There are a lot of answers in this list. There's no denying that. The Celtics need a perimeter player and a big man. You can close your eyes and point to one big and on small from this list and whoever they are will pay immediate dividends to our team.