Bob Geren: The Worst Manager in Baseball

Steven ResnickSenior Writer IMay 31, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - MAY 10: Manger Bob Geren of the Oakland Athletics looks on against the Toronto Blue Jays during a Major League Baseball game on May 10, 2009 at the Oakland Coliseum in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

It's obvious Bob Geren has no feel for managing a baseball game. He takes extremely risky moves, either by doing something way too soon or by not doing anything.

There's no middle ground for Geren, and usually when he does something or he doesn't do something, the A's get hurt for it.

Like in last night's game against the Texas Rangers where Geren chose to intentionally walk Chris Davis in the bottom of the first to load the bases to pitch to Taylor Teagarden. He ended up hitting a two-run single to give the Rangers a 4-1 lead.

That was not the time to walk Davis. He has been struggling all year. It was the perfect match up for the A's to get out of the inning with only giving up two runs, but Geren took a risk that wasn't worth it and the A's got burned.

In today's game he had a second and third situation, with the Rangers getting a run on that double the score was 1-1.

Coming to the plate was the dangerous Josh Hamilton, who last year lead the AL in RBI. This is the time to take a risk and walk Hamilton to get to Andruw Jones.

Yet, Geren chooses to have Brett Anderson to pitch to Hamilton who hits a line drive single into right field that scores two runs giving the Rangers a 3-1 lead.

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It would have been a better move to have Anderson pitch to Jones, even though earlier in the game he did just miss hitting a homerun off of Anderson. If Jones rolls over on a pitch its an easy double play and it would have left the game tied at 1-1.

After giving up the two-run single to Hamilton, he got Jones to hit a flyball too deep center which would have given the Rangers a 2-1 lead because the runners would have tagged up and scored. Anderson then got Nelson Cruz to ground out to third base.

The A's could have been down 2-1 instead of 3-1, and it wouldn't have made the home run in the bottom of the fourth by Hank Blalock hurt even more becuase the A's are now down 4-1.

If the A's don't win a single game in Texas, it's clear that Billy Beane needs to make a move. If he continues to let Geren manage, then it's clearly time for owner Lew Wolff to fire both men, because it's getting ridiculous to watch the A's and the lack of a winning attitude.

Look at Ron Washington, yes the Rangers were pretty bad last year, but he has changed the attitude in the same amount of time that Geren has had with the A's.

Geren certainly has changed the attitude of the A's who went from a winning team to a losing team in a heartbeat in his direction.

Who can forget in 2008, the A's looked like they could make a surprise run at the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, but then the second half started and the A's just quit offensively.

The hope A's fans had vanished; it was gone like that. The A's went on to go a putrid 24-44 to end the season and the blame can be placed squarely on Geren.

His job is to get his team prepared every day and to give their best. It's obvious that the A's players are not playing up to the caliber they can play at and Geren has yet to find the way to motivate his players and that says a lot.

Even with his former bench coach Don Wakamatsu in Seattle, the Mariners have shown the motivation to play hard every game, yet the A's under Geren have never had the motivation to play that way for Geren.

It either says a lot about Geren or it just shows the ignorance of Beane for his best friend. Whatever it is, things have to start changing if Wolff wants to see the signs that the A's are going to start fielding a winning team on the field.

Geren right now is the worst manager in baseball, and no one else comes close. Even Clint Hurdle, who was fired as manager of the Colorado Rockies is a better manager than Geren, yet Hurdle gets fired and Geren somehow is still managing the ballclub.

It's time for a change in Oakland and that change is Geren going bye bye.

On a sidenote one may say the A's in the past have been a slow starting bunch and that it's too early to panic, because after tonight's game the A's will have played 47 games.

Well, it would be true if the team still had star players in the lineup like Miguel Tejada, Eric Chavez, the younger Jason Giambi, and starting pitching with the likes of Tim Hudson, Mark Mulder, and Barry Zito in an A's uniform.

But the A's don't have that and in order for them to believe that they can win, they have to start winning ball games in the first half of the season.

Since the end of the All-Star game in 2008 the A's under Geren have gone 42-73. That's 31 games under .500, and Beane has some explaining to do on how he justifies giving a contract extension to Geren, when it's obvious that Geren has no clue what he is doing.