Latest NBA Mock Draft: Jrue Holiday Moves Up

D.Michael LeeSenior Analyst IMay 30, 2009

An awful lot has changed since some of our earlier NBA Mock Drafts. We’ve seen most of the usual suspects keep their name in the draft, and once we knew the order of the lottery, the picture began to clear up.

With less than a month away before the draft, expect to see only two more revisions of the Mock Draft. Here is the most up-to-date, based on what teams are leaning towards.

1. Clippers - Blake Griffin

There is about a 20 percent chance L.A moves this pick.

2. Grizzlies - Ricky Rubio

Rubio is the guy here, and expect the Mike Conley era to be over in Memphis. Could he reunite with Greg Oden in Portland, or wind up down in Dallas?

3. Thunder - James Harden

OKC goes with Harden, the scorer, over Thabeet here. I think the Thunder will look to bring in a veteran post player, either by trade or free agency. The trio of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden will make many teams stay up late preparing in 2009-10.

4. Kings - Jordan Hill

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The best player available at this pick.

5. Wizards - Hasheem Thabeet

The Wizards have Thabeet third on their Big Board reportedly, behind Griffin and Rubio. If they are able to have him fall to them in their lap at five, they will be extremely happy.

6. Timberwolves - Brandon Jennings

I see Jennings going here, unless something drastic changes in the next few weeks.

7. Warriors - Jrue Holiday

This is a change from prior mock drafts. Holiday has been projected as high as fourth ( and as low as 16th ( by our respected peers; however no point guards stock has risen, and continues to rise as quickly as his. Things, of course, are subject to change.

8. Knicks - Stephen Curry

The Bobcats are interested in moving up to get Curry, but New York finds their point guard of the future here.

9. Raptors - Tyreke Evans

The run on guards continues in the first ten picks, and in my view, Evans is the one most ready to play in the NBA today. Raptors fans will be happy with Evans and Calderon running the show.

10. Bucks - DeJuan Blair

I personally think Blair is too high at 10, but the Bucks really like this guy at this spot.

11. Nets - DeMar Derozan

DeRozan at this spot could give the Nets the added incentive to move Vince Carter this season.

12. Bobcats - Gerald Henderson

As much as it may pain Michael Jordan to take a Dukie, Henderson would be a welcome asset to the team. Jonny Flynn is a possibility here too.

13. Indiana Pacers - Jonny Flynn

Flynn won’t get past 13, as the Pacers are looking to bring in a young playmaker. The T.J Ford/Jarrett Jack era may be over.

14. Suns - Austin Daye

Daye is an underrated post player who may not be flashy, but gets the job done. He could be a solid 15-and-9 guy his career.

15. Pistons - Earl Clark

All-around great athlete with amazing potential. Clark’s arrival would mean the departure of Tayshaun Prince.

16. Bulls - Eric Maynor

Chicago already has Derrick Rose locked up long term, but Kirk Hinrich may be trade bait. If that is the case, drafting Maynor here makes sense.

17. Philadelphia 76ers - Ty Lawson

The Sixers have their eyes on Flynn, Maynor, and Ty Lawson. Whichever is left, will be their pick. In this case, Lawson will be the man.

18. Timberwolves - Terrence Williams

Williams can play the 2 or the 3, and give the young Wolves another scorer. It would be exciting to see Brandon Jennings, Williams and Randy Foye all run the fastbreak.

19. Hawks - James Johnson

Atlanta is looking for help at the point, but their options will all be gone by 19. Best available player is Johnson, who will provide another great post presence, and make Josh Smith trade bait for a veteran backcourt player.

20. Jazz - B.J. Mullens

Mullens gives the Jazz depth up front, and in case Mehmet Okur decides to test free agency, they have his replacement in the middle.

21. Hornets - Jeff Teague

Teague and CP3 would make for an exciting backcourt in New Orleans.

22. Mavericks - Tyler Hansborough

Hansborough lands in the perfect situation for him, where he won’t be expected to do too much, yet be a positive contributor to a playoff team.

23. Kings - Chase Budinger

The Kings add another offensive weapon.

24. Blazers - Sam Young

Young makes Travis Outlaw trade bait.

25. Thunder - Patrick Mills

Mills provides insurance for Westbrook.

26. Bulls - Marcus Thornton

Chicago adds more backcourt depth and an insurance policy in case Gordon bolts.

27. Grizzlies - Wayne Ellington

Best player available at this spot.

28. Timberwolves - Omri Casspi

San Antonio wants Casspi, but the Wolves nab him here.

29. Lakers - Derrick Brown

He will compete with Adam Morrison for a roster spot.

30. Cavs - Taj Gibson

Gibson’s length helps Cleveland's frontcourt.

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