My Annual Trip To The Ballpark Results In Rangers Double Header Wins

Dominica Broom@_ALLDEE_Correspondent IMay 30, 2009

May 28, 2009

Today marked the day of our "family tradition" of gathering together at the Ballpark (I still call it that) to watch our beloved Rangers compete. And when I say "family," I mean the side of my dad's family, not just my parents and sisters.

This year, however was pretty different from the last. There were less family members who went (we only took up 12 seats this time), and we all sat together in one row. Last year I wasn't working unlike this year, so I actually had to work the night before at an overnight job (and again today) so I was a bit tired, but still excited nonetheless.

The real reason we go every year, usually, is because it's Birdville Independent School District (or BISD) Night and because my mom works for a school, she is able to get tickets rather inexpensively, which is nice.

We sat in Section 39 (I think) for only $19 per person, versus the usual 30 dollars or so.

So now that you know the history, let's see how the day went.

After getting off from work at six in the morning, sleeping some, doing nothing, playing on the Internet, and taking and getting my sister from school, it was finally around five.

Now, usually I just throw on some jeans and a t-shirt, but today I was feeling a little more casual or 'dressy' so I straightened my hair (which is no easy task people!), and I looked pretty dapper if I must say, in a blue casual tee and black vest.

But today must have been Opposite Day, because my sister is the one who usually looks all nice but today she wore Adidas shorts with some non-t-shirt (lack of better words). And here I thought she was going to put effort into her outfit. "It's too hot," was her simple reply.

So after rushing to finish my hair and find an outfit (I couldn't find the one black vest I wanted) I rushed to the car, where everyone was already waiting. Only then did we drive off, that I remembered I forgot my sunglasses.


We finally arrived at the Ballpark after a bit of hectic traffic.

"We need to find parking for ten dollars because that's all the cash we have," was a pretty amusing answer to my sister's question. We finally found some five dollar parking that wasn't too far, but you know how parking is.

So we hiked our way towards the stadium. Only my sister is a snail so our parents and other sibling were pretty much miles ahead.

"Wow, wasn't that guy behind us, across the street?"

"Yes, and those others were also behind us too."

Then we had to stop because my sister thinks the rocks under the bridge look like a dead body. Yes, I know, weird.

The best part about the hike, was getting to see the Dallas Cowboys new stadium amid the lush green and river forming a very picturesque view. You know we had to stop and take a picture, before running to catch up.

We finally got to the park, and tried to meet up with one family, not only because we wanted to see their pretty faces, but more because we had all the tickets.

Whenever we got inside, this lady was passing out bingo cards. She gave my mom two and me three. I asked my sister if she got one.

"No, that lady didn't give me any."

"That's okay buddy (what we sometimes call each other), she gave me three. She knew my buddy would want one so she gave me more."

We finally got inside to our seats, only to find some random guy sitting already there, warming up an already hot seat. He thought those were his seats.

"Where's your tickets?" my dad asked.

"My wife has them." Line of the night right there folks.

Basically he moved over so we could sit, but I knew we had the first 14 seats so I knew he had to move sooner or later. He ended up leaving and, with his wife, sat on the freaking first row!

Later, another guy came up to my parents.

"Excuse me but we are seats three, four, and five," was met with a blank stare from my mom. The guy fought gently with my Mom about the seats. Turns out this grandpa needed Section 139, not 39. People these days.

The Rangers were playing a double header that day; we arrived in the seventh inning of the first game. Fans were all hyped up and cheering the team on, probably to hurry them up and finish the game so we could get to the real one.

It was, some would say, a perfect day for baseball: blue sky, beautiful sun shining, and a slight breeze. For me, the perfectness was being able to sit in the shade the whole time with no sun beaming down on me.

The first game ended with the Rangers taking the win. Then we sat around while they rested and then warmed up. Pretty boring really.

I tried to educate my sister some on baseball. I would ask her what the inning was, who was winning, and how many hits there were in the game. Of course, all she had to do was find the answer on the LED screens somewhere, but that was easier said than done sometimes. They put so many words and numbers up all over, it gets confusing. It was pretty cool looking though; it stretched almost all the way around the park.

The second game eventually started and I prepared to be entertained.

One thing I learned again, was how expensive the food can be. My sister ate a five dollar hamburger with two dollar fries and a five dollar drink. Crazy right? All those poor workers who drag all that food from seat to seat were scrutinized each time they came our way.

"Four dollars for a 20 ounce drink? An ice cream sandwich is five dollars? Beer is how much?"

I can't really tell you much about the game. It's not that I wasn't paying attention; it's just that the stadium and the people in it were more memorable.

There was this little boy sitting in front of us who kept getting into trouble. I don't know his mom, but she sure scared me. The funniest thing he did was ask his parents for beer. Priceless.

The game, however, was pretty good. The Rangers scored early I think, and the crowd acted as if they broke a no-scoring streak. The Rangers do have passionate loud fans who really make the game. My aunt was one of them, yelling and screaming all crazy like. People just stared sometimes.

The wave, something I rarely take full part in, came around a record of five times. Usually it comes around strongly once, then dies out. But today was opposite day, so it kept coming. Slowly each time, you could hear the loudness soften and more people stopped until the Rangers made some play and they started cheering for that.

If you've ever been to the park, you know about that Dot Race. Well I picked blue and it let me down. It had a huge lead, but blew it to Red at the very end. No free water for me.

I think it was around this time, I made my sister scream.

I made the mistake by stating first that she shouldn't scream. There was a tiny bug on the jacket she had and she started screaming and flicking the bug in my direction. I then made the same mistake five minutes later. She asked where the bug went, and then I saw. It was now on her chest. I was going to hit it, but again, she screamed and flicked off. The people around us just stared, especially the old guy right in front us.

My sister finally got her Lemon Chill later in the game and was waking up now. She had been laying down and acting all sleepy. The Chill now gave her an energy rush.

"I want some buddy." She hands me a unopened spork.

"Why do you have two?"

"That lady knew my buddy would want some too, so she gave me two."

I love that girl.

Close to the end of the game, my other sister didn't want to take this free picture with my mom so I volunteered to go. After all, I had my hair down and all dressed up. She said there was no line, but now that we were going to do it, there was one. We took a nice picture, holding a bat, that was photo shopped with a stadium background. It was okay. My sister hated it.

The best part I think was when the stadium lights were turned off and the fireworks show started. I sat back and looked at the night sky being all lit up by the amazing show. It was awesome, except for the giant scoreboard blocking some of the show.

The game had many great plays, whether it was the home or away team and I'm glad I went. Even if I am rushing to write this with work in one hour.

I don't even remember the score of the second game; all I know is that they won and are now in first place in their division. Good enough for me.

After the game, we hiked back to our car, passed right by the Cowboys new home, and then found out the highway ramp we needed was being worked on so we had to take an alternate route. We finally made it home where I immediately went on my laptop to upload my pictures. They turned out pretty nice for camera pictures.

Around one, I was in bed.

I now leave you with my Best Moments from the game.

Funniest Moment: Watching my older cousin rap the "car alarm might bark" part from Dorrough's Ice Cream Paint Job.... and then proceed to bark loudly.
OMG Moment: That little boy and his beer asking.
Annoying Moment: The dad behind me quizzing his I'm assumed daughter on the game. He asked her all kinds of questions and kept telling her advice. I just want to watch the game; I don't need a play-by-play analysis. I could have gotten that at home.
Coolest Moment: The fireworks show, hands down.
Lamest Moment: My blue dot surrendering the win at the very end.
Embarrassing Moment: My sister screaming when there was a bug on her.
Family Moment: The free picture my mom, sister, and I took.
High School Moment: Seeing an old friend from school after the game.
Breathtaking Moment: Seeing the new stadium in person.


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