OSU Cheerleader Will Be Disciplined After Nearly Tripping Oklahoma Player

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 10, 2013


If we have learned anything from the world of football in the past month, it's that you should always keep your arms and legs out of the field of play if you aren't actually in the game.

An Oklahoma State cheerleader is the latest person to be admonished for sideline antics. 

The Oklahoman's John Helsley (h/t ESPN) reports Jarid Atkinson, a member of Oklahoma State's cheerleader squad, will be disciplined after he was caught visibly sticking his foot out in what seemed to be an effort to trip up an Oklahoma player this past weekend. 

The Sooners' Eric Striker had just secured a touchdown in the final moments of an eventual 33-24 win over the Cowboys. 

Whether from a point of humor or frustration, Atkinson stuck his foot out as a triumphant Striker ran by the Cowboys' contingent of disgruntled cheerleaders. 

We are guessing you would like to take a look for yourself, so we thank ESPN for providing video evidence. 

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And for those who like their visuals in GIF form, ESPN helps us out with that as well. 

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Of course, Helsley reminds us all of the other famous sideline gaffe that occurred recently. As you recall, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin nearly had Jacoby Jones run into him in Pittsburgh's loss to the Baltimore Ravens during Week 13. 

There was also the wonderful byproduct of comedic memes spawned from that peculiar misstep. 

The blunder, purposeful or not, cost Tomlin $100,000 and the Steelers a late-round draft pick, according to CBS Sports.  


Obviously, Atkinson won't have to sign a check for six figures, but he will face some sort of disciplinary action. 

OSU deputy athletic director Dave Martin spoke with Atkinson, who apologized and explained that, according to the report, he wasn't trying to trip Striker. He said he was merely kidding around when he stuck his foot out. 

Oh, you could weave quite the ugly Christmas sweater with a yarn like that. 

Now the video may be misleading and Atkinson may be farther from the Sooners linebacker's legs than it seems. We are left to take his apology and move on. 

Martin, in a statement via Fox Sports Southwest, stated, "I have met individually with the male student involved with the incident and he is extremely apologetic for his involvement. And he understands there will be consequences for his poor judgment and actions."

Let this be a lesson to all of us: If you aren't actually in the game, just stay on the other side of the white line and everything will be fine. 

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