Richardson, Shaq Going to the Mavs? Top Hornets to LA, Suns?

Bhavik DarjiCorrespondent IMay 29, 2009

Earlier this season, Tyson Chandler was dealt to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Chris Wilcox, Joe Smith, and DeVon Hardin—only for the trade to be rescinded because Chandler failed to pass a physical.

The biggest reason Chandler was being traded was because of his health, and because the Hornet wanted to shred salary cap. Chandler is owed $25.5 million for the next two years, and the money does not pay for what he is producing—a measly 8.8 PPG and 8.5 RPG in 77 games played this season, down from the 11.8 PPG and 11.7 RPG in the Hornets successful season last year.

Make no mistake the Hornets will undoubtedly be trying to ship one of their players, whether it be Chandler, Stojakovic, or both.

A possibility that he could land in Phoenix is real.

The Hornets have had interest in Shaquille O'Neal, but it seems like he might be going to Dallas (more on that below). The Hornets should target J-Rich.

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Richardson has three years remaining on his contract, which is worth $12.2 million a year (about $900 thousand more than what Chandler is worth, who also has three years left), including this year.

Richardson would benefit from Chris Paul and would become a legitimate 20+ PPG scoring threat again. This would also move either Posey to the starting spot instead of an aging Stojakovic, or still having Stojakovic start. Richardson would then start and have either Mo Pete or Posey come off the bench for him.

This would give you a starting five of Paul, Richardson, Posey/Stojakovic, David West/Stojakovic, and C/West (Robin Lopez if this deal was to go down one on one).

It gives the Hornets another three-point shooter and allows the Hornets to spread the floor even more. Peja has the size to play the four position and West can play the five, or vice versa.

Then you have the rumor that Shaq might be going to Dallas. It has been brought up millions of times and is probably the most likely to happen.

The Mavericks would give up Jerry Stackhouse, Eric Dampier, and Shawne Williams for Shaq. This could possibly persuade Jason Kidd to stay in the lone star state for another year. It would also make a formidable front court and a good shot at a championship run.

This would give a starting five of Jason Kidd, Antoine Wright/ Jason Terry, Josh Howard, Dirk Nowitkzi, and Shaquille O'Neal.

The Mavs could have Terry start, but he should be placed in there with a second unit.

Now, with this all said, the Hornets would have a hole in the middle and the Suns would pretty much be depleted.

That's were the Clippers come in.

The Clippers are most likely to draft Blake Griffin, but they are already loaded with big guys and could be looking to part with them for expiring contracts.

Here's what I am suggesting.

The Mavs Get

Shaquille O'Neal

Robin Lopez

The Suns Get

Tyson Chandler

Eric Dampier

Zach Randolph

Marty Collins

The Hornets Get

Jason Richardson

Marcus Camby

Jerry Stackhouse

Goron Dragic

Mike Taylor

The Clippers Get

Peja Stojakovic

Antonio Daniels

Jarad Dudley

Rasul Butler

Shawne Williams.

Click here to see it on the ESPN trade machine.

For those who did not see it on the ESPN trade machine, the Mavericks are projected to get five more wins, Suns have a projected minus three losses, Hornets have a projected plus seven wins, and the Clippers have minus 19 losses according to Holligner's analysis, but the Clippers don't have Griffin yet so they should win more games.

The Mavericks pretty much stay the same, but would get Lopez to be a back up center.

The Suns get a real good revamped roster that actually has a chance to make the playoffs while rebuilding. Chandler, Randolph, and Dampier have a combined $111 million owed to them for the next three years and their contracts all expire in 2011.

Players that are free agents in 2011 consist of Paul Perice, Derrick Rose (if the team does not pick up his option for 2012), Josh Howard, Carmelo Anthony, J.R. Smith, Yao Ming, Pau Gasol, Marc Gasol, Durant, and Tony Parker. That is a very good draft class—arguably better than the 2010 draft draft class. It's possible the Suns could pick up Josh Howard or J.R. Smith then.

A healthy Chandler playing along side Amar'e could be very dangerous with Steve Nash running the point. Randolph would be a good back up and can split minutes with Amar'e. With Hill on the verge of retirement, they can sign a good free agent this year, possibly Lamar Odom.

A starting five would look like this: Chandler, Stoudemire, Barnes, Barbosa, and Nash. It actually does not seem like much on paper, but this team could be deadly.

The Hornets could have over $20 millions in salary cap space going into the 2010 free agency. Camby and Stackhouse make up for $17 million of that projected $20 million. It is expected that Stack would be bought out of his contract.

Dragic and Taylor would split minutes at the backup point guard but expect the Hornets to shop for a better one. Bringing in Camby is basically bringing in another Chandler. Although Camby was hampered with injuries this year, he still averaged 10.3 PPG on 51% shooting and 11.1 RPG, while playing 31 minutes—much more productive then Tyson.

This would give an intimidating starting five of Camby, West, Posey, Richardson, and  Paul. The bench needs to be improved, but they can do that with free agency.

Finally—the Clippers.

They would benefit the most as all the players they are getting $12.5 million salary relief from four of the five players they have in 2010. Stojakovic has three years left on his contract expanding to 2011, which has that great draft class that I have already gone over. That's $12.5 million off the cap. There is also the possibility that they won't sign some of the free agents this year.

Stojakovic could help develop the jumpers of basically everybody on the team. Antonio Daniels is a good back up PG and will complement Baron Davis splitting minutes with him.

A starting five would look like this: Chris Kamen, Blake Griffin, Al Thornton, Eric Gordon, and Baron Davis. That is a great rebuilding team, not to mention a possible playoff contender.

Who knows, this would be great in my opinion. Now, let's just hope the GMs read B/R articles.


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