Orlando Magic: The Time to Shine Is Tonight

Anthony HammettCorrespondent IMay 28, 2009

This was supposed to be the NBA's dream series.

Kobe vs. LeBron.

Watch a commercial in between playoff games, and you can easily see what I'm talking about. From Vitamin Water ads to puppets, the NBA is brainwashing fans into believing Cleveland vs. Los Angeles is the only finals matchup that matters.

Los Angeles has done their part so far by taking a 3-2 series lead on the Nuggets headed into Game Six. The Nuggets will have the home court for that game, but LA seems poised to overcome the doubters and advance.

Cleveland is a different story.

If Rashard Lewis holds his hands up and tries to block Mo Williams' vision on the inbound pass to end Game Two, LeBron never catches the ball to shoot it and the series is over already.

For Orlando fans, let's hope that one extra lifeline isn't enough to revamp the life into King James and his disciples.

If the Magic were going to suffer a letdown, it would be expected to happen after the big shot in Games Three and Four. The letdown did not come then. Orlando answered King James by winning the next two and putting themselves one game away from the NBA Finals.

I usually wait and write a recap after the game, but tonight I wanted to do things differently. I want Orlando fans around here to get excited. This is something that doesn't happen all that often. Your team is THIS close...

It all comes down to tonight. Now, if for some reason Cleveland does find a way to win at home tonight, it is not the end of the world.

However, doubt will slowly start to creep into Orlando's mind, along with confidence building for James and Company.

Please don't attempt 38 three-point shots tonight. It worked last game. But it's just not the most effective way to be productive.

If for some reason Dwight isn't making his inside shots or free throws, then obviously you have no choice but to take the cuffs off of Alston, Lee, Lewis, and Turkoglu. I'd much rather see Orlando try to drive and penetrate first, though.

The biggest key for Cleveland is someone other than LeBron James making a shot. Much has been made throughout this series about King James trying to do too much, but anyone who has really watched the series knows that he has tried to get his teammates involved. No one is knocking down their open shots.

I'm very excited and wish tip-off was minutes away. Until then, I will just sit patiently and wait. Here's to you, Orlando, and all the fans on B/R.

Let's get it going!


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