Mets Fans, Join M.A.S.C. Today!

Randy MedinaCorrespondent IMay 27, 2009

As a species, man has achieved so much.  We have cured disease, explored the cosmos, and created structures that have survived for millennium.  Yet, some goals still lie seemingly beyond our reach.  Namely, getting the Mets organization to stop trying to force a Sweet Caroline sing-along on their unwilling fans. 

I'll stop right here for a moment and say I have nothing against the song or Mr. Diamond himself.  In fact, while on line for a beer at Citi Field before Monday's game, Diamond's "America" began to play over the P.A. and a small part of me was hoping the pitchers mound would open up and Neil would rise out of the smoke and treat us to a live rendition.  The problem the Mets face with Sweet Caroline is an issue of context.

For years, a sing-along of Sweet Caroline has been a staple of Red Sox games at Fenway Park.  The fans love it and sing along heartily.  It is their song.  To try and import another stadiums culture on that level is just sad.  It is no different than the Mets having a Harry Carrey-style seventh inning stretch sing-along or having our grounds crew dance to YMCA.  Can sausage races be far behind?

Is Mets management so disappointed in us as fans that they feel the need to replace us or morph us into another teams' fan base?  This weekend, even the Mets' TV broadcast team openly questioned why they still try this at Citi Field when so many fans oppose it.  Even that didn't stop good ol' Caroline from returning on Monday.

The way I see it this can only go one of two ways.  Either they stop with the song already and we move on with the business of creating our own traditions in our new home, or we go to the other extreme and steal from everyone!  Hey, at least we would be consistent, then.  Mr. Met could slide down a slide and drive a train after homers, we could have sausages race presidents, and then we could all leave in the sixth inning to show our Dodger roots. 

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If they want to keep Neil alive, why not sing Red Red Wine by UB40?  Diamond penned that one for the band and it is just as completely unrelated to baseball as Sweet Caroline.  Everyone wins.

I call on you readers to become card carrying members of M.A.S.C. today and write letters, emails, telegraphs, and smoke signals to the Mets front office and beg them to please stop trying to make us over.  Let us be Mets fans and let us enjoy our scrappy team of injury replacement players in peaceful, Caroline-Free environment.