Los Angeles Clippers Offseason To-Do List: Version Two

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IMay 27, 2009

MILWAUKEE - MARCH 26:  Brandon Jennings #3 of the West team looks on during the 2008 McDonald's All American High School Boys basketball game on March 26, 2008 at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

The Clippers have made a lot of noise since winning the draft lottery. With the first pick, the Clippers immediately announced that they would draft Blake Griffin.  

Whether that was a publicity stunt to draw fans and sell tickets early is yet to be determined, but what is most pressing are the other moves that the Clippers need to make to become a relevant team again.

Baron Davis and Zach Randolph have been the earliest and most frequently named players to be on the trading block. Obviously, the Clippers are in the midst of a youth movement, which could bring the team back to life for years to come.

Whether they'll be able to trade Zach Randolph is a brain-buster. He's an absolute headcase and any team that wants to bring him in is completely trashing any consideration of team chemistry.  

Randolph is strictly a guy who will score around 20 points a game and bring down a handful of rebounds, but at the expense of his less-than-stellar defense.

With that said, it seems as though the Clippers will probably have to hang on to him, or buy out his contract. I'm going to leave him out of the picture so that we can focus on another move that would benefit both teams that are involved.

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There were rumors circulating early this week about the Warriors' interest in bringing back Baron Davis. They're short of a true point guard and this would allow Monta Ellis to either be traded or move down to the two.

The Warriors have the seventh overall pick in the upcoming draft, which could draw a lot of interest from the Clippers. Some sort of deal involving the pick and Baron Davis would be a match made in heaven.

Many mock drafts project Brandon Jennings to be the seventh pick in the upcoming draft. Jennings would fill the Clippers' void at the point guard position and would end any speculation of them selecting Rubio with the first pick.

A lineup of Jennings, Eric Gordon, Al Thornton, Blake Griffin and Chris Kaman would be a complete 180 degree turn and would rival the Portland Trailblazers and Oklahoma City Thunder for the up and coming teams of the future.

By doing such a move, the Clippers would also shed a hefty salary from the books and would make eating Randolph's contract much more tolerable.  Whether the Clippers would take on any salary in the Davis trade is unknown, but it would be worth it for the time being.

The Clippers don't have to make too many moves and the moves that they do have to make are pretty clear to most NBA fans.

Fill in the blanks and bring in Blake Griffin and Brandon Jennings. Dare I predict a Clippers vs. Trailblazers matchup in the 2012 Western Conference Finals?