White Sox Owner Says they are Done Chasing Peavy

Todd KaufmannSenior Writer IMay 26, 2009

LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 01:  Jake Peavy #44 of the San Diego Padres throws a pitch in the first inning against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium on May 1, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

With all the trade talks that swirled around the San Diego Padres, Jake Peavy, and the Chicago White Sox, it looks like that trade talk can now come to an official end.

According to Scott Merkin of MLB.com, White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf says they are done chasing Jake Peavy. "Oh, I think we've moved on," Reinsdorf told ESPN 1000's Chuck Swirsky. "I think we were ready to do it last week, but we have to move on. We just can't keep everybody in limbo."

Reinsdorf continued, "Pitchers are hard to find, quality pitchers are always hard to find. But you never want to underestimate [GM]Kenny [Williams]. He's always thinking. Maybe it was a good wakeup call for Clayton Richard. He came out and pitched a heckuva game the other night. So maybe we don't need Jake Peavy."

The White Sox owner also said that he knew it would be a 50-50 proposition on Peavy actually waiving his no-trade clause and he understands that a player has a no-trade clause in the first place.

Whether or not these rumors continue is still yet to be seen, but it isn't the last time we'll see Jake Peavy's name come up in trade rumors. There are teams like the Rangers, Angels, and Dodgers that could very well get into the mix and don't count out the Cubs from jumping back into the thick of things, especially once the sale of the team is complete.

The thing that confuses me is the timing of the proposed deal with Chicago. The Padres were in the midst of their longest winning streak of the season and it was 24 hours prior to Peavy's start against the Cubs. You can't tell me that the Padres could have held that deal off for another few weekswhat was the urgency of dealing him at that specific point?

The Padres definitely didn't make any good public relations moves that dayalthough they tried to offset the anger of a lot of fans by bringing in Tony Gwynn, Jr that afternoon. I'm not sure how much good that really did, but we'll see.


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