A Day In The Life Of Glenn Toby

Darren HeitnerSenior Analyst IApril 17, 2008

Since the beginnings of SportsAgentBlog.com, I have done many “Agent Spotlights.” One in particular stands out from among the pack. After writing about Glenn Toby, he immediately contacted me, welcomed me into his life, and we have been friends ever since. In fact, Mr. Toby and I talk business from time to time, and I hope to help out with his Book Bank Foundation in the near future. Glenn Toby inspires me because he is not only a sports agent, he is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word, and he gives back to the community. He is definitely one of my role models.

Anyway, PressPassTV recently covered a day in the life of Mr. Toby. The camera tracks Glenn going from a meeting with rapper, Saigon, to picking up some custom fitted suits from ECC (Mr. Toby recently signed on to be a consultant for the lifestyle apparel company). The final scene takes you to the classroom, where Mr. Toby and G-Unit rapper, Tony Yayo, teach kids about the importance of learning in school and being humble. Check it out below.