Nationals-Orioles: It's Finally Over

Jarrett CarterAnalyst IMay 25, 2009

You know that a baseball series is squat when a total novice to the sport believes that it will be a great series based on the premise that someone has to win.

That was my wife’s perspective on Friday night as we headed to the drive-in movie theater after abandoning all cares for the Baltimore Orioles-Washington Nationals weekend series.

But as it turns out, the “something’s gotta give theory” actually worked out to the Orioles’ advantage.

They took two out of three, hit a couple of home runs, and made it interesting for those who actually invested money, time, and emotion into the Beltway Series.

I genuinely thought that the great interleague mid-Atlantic series would be an exercise in pitching woes and high offense. Instead, Rich Hill and Jordan Zimmermann had somewhat of a pitcher’s duel in the first game, and the games were relatively interesting to watch.

At least, more interesting than "Obsessed"turned out to be.

But the best thing about the series is that it is over and done with. No more talk on if the Orioles-Nats should be a meaningful baseball rivalry for area baseball fans because it is not. No more talk on the possibility of improvement for each of these teams, because it won’t begin until farm players are called up, or No. 1 picks are drafted and signed.

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It’s over. The series, the season, and our vested interests in both of these clubs.

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