What Is Your Pet Peeve(s) in Hockey?

PuckpassionCorrespondent IMay 25, 2009

Everyone has their pet peeves in all sports.

I have had this one pet peeve in hockey for about 10 years now. It's actually the only pet peeve I have in the sport.

For the last decade, I never told anyone about this pet peeve. It was something that didn't seem like a big enough deal to talk about so I never bought it up, but in almost every game I watch when it happens, it really bugs me inside.

I've only seen one other person mention this similar pet peeve over the Internet, which was about two years ago.

Ok, now that I have built you up to it, I'll explain what it is.

You know when a player shoots and scores and the puck comes sling-shotting back out of the net? It's almost like it bounces off a wall and comes flying back out about 10 feet away from the net? I'm sure you know what I mean because it happens almost once a game.


I'm sure the players don't like it either.

One of the cool things about scoring is seeing the puck in the net after you score.

It's nicer looking to the viewers, but it's also more satisfying to the scorer and the fans.

When Alex Ovechkin or Ilya Kovalchuk scores one of those top shelf snipes from 30 feet out and the puck stays in the net makes it look much more satisfying.

Remember in the '70s and '80s when they scored goals you rarely saw the puck come back out? If it did it was because of the iron, not the net.

That's what I want back.

I want those thicker and looser nets that absorb the puck like how it was in the '70s and '80s. I don't want a cage or box like it's field hockey.

It's not asking much.

There has to be someone out there that agrees with me on this?

If not, what is your pet peeve in hockey?


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