When Will David Wright Finally Be Rested in 2009?

Wendy AdairAnalyst IMay 24, 2009

LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 18:  David Wright #5 of the New York Mets celebrates after scoring with Ramon Castro #11 during action against the Los Angeles Dodgers during the second inning at Dodger Stadium on May 18, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

David Wright has been the only Met regular to take the field every game these past two weeks, mainly due to injuries to the other regular position players.

Last season, Wright was not rested a full game until June 24, although he did have one game as DH in Anaheim, CA on the first day under Jerry Manuel's management.

Even though it was obvious to everyone that Wright was exhausted and more than a little banged up, he desperately needed a day off, but Willie Randolph continued putting him in the lineup.

Randolph asked Wright about taking a day off but when he said he was fine, he did not question him, where most managers would have just simply not asked him but leave him out of the lineup.

Managers need to know when to ask and when to tell a player that it is in everyone's best interest if a day of rest is needed.

Jerry Manuel has said repeatedly that he understands that his position players do need rest in order to stay refreshed, but that seems to apply to everyone except David Wright.

I'm not implying that Manuel does not want to rest Wright, but he is relying on him to be a steady presence on the field each game. Manuel has told Wright that he is expected to provide more leadership in Carlos Delgado's absence.

This addition in responsibility and show of confidence is a testament to Wright and his competitive nature and wanting to show his teammates that he wants to be in there every day.

With Carlos Delgado on the DL for at least six weeks, and Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran having day to day status, Wright is the only core member of the team playing every day.

Beltran has been the DH the first two games of the Boston series even though Jerry Manuel had originally said that he would use Wright as a DH for one of the games, it does not look promising that he will change things today unless Beltran's knee is much better.

Although Wright was hitless last night for the first time in 14 games, he did make an excellent defensive play in the ninth inning to help JJ Putz come in and close the game for an injured K-Rod.

Carlos Beltran has not been rested for a full game either, but serving as DH for the first two games and most likely today's game is a bit more rested and can let his knee heal.

Wright does seem to be slowing down considerably and more than a bit banged up, but will not ask for a day off, something for which I am sure that his teammates admire but cannot help to be a bit concerned.

Jerry Manuel should be watching him closely to make sure that he does not push himself to the point of exhaustion and/or injury, and they are related, fatigue can lead to injuries that would not occur with regular rest. 

With the injuries mounting by the day, losing David Wright for one or two games to keep him healthy and refreshed is far better than pushing him to the point where he would need to miss several games.

After today's game in Boston, the Mets return home to CitiField to face their NL East competition, the Washington Nationals and Florida Marlins.

Inter league play will resume in June, so most likely Wright will be given a chance to be the DH and not have the defensive responsibility of playing the hot corner for at least one game.


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