Greg's Interview Series: Rangers' Prospect Devin DiDiomete

Greg CaggianoSenior Writer IMay 23, 2009

If there is a player in the Rangers organization who is scrappy, and an agitator along the lines of Sean Avery, Devin DiDiomete is the man. He was also nice enough to let me interview him so enjoy our conversation below.

GC: When you were growing up, what was your favorite hockey team? Who was your favorite player?

DD: Growing up I was a huge Red Wings fan, and my favorite player was Steve Yzerman. He was a great all around player and did whatever it took to win games.

GC: 'Crunch Hockey' has described you as an "agitating winger" and the former "bodyguard to line mate Steven Stamkos." Why is this so?

DD: The style of game I play is one where opposing teams don't like me or I try and get under their best players' skin so they are forced to not like me.

Playing with Steven last year I was focused on scoring goals and making hits to open up the ice for him, but at the same time if anyone took advantage of him, I made sure I was there to fight his battles so opposing teams wouldn't continue to do it. If teams were going to hit Stammer they were going to have to answer to the bell.

GC: What was your first reaction when signing a contract with the New York Rangers?

DD: It was a great feeling; as a kid growing up I always dreamed of one day playing in the NHL and when I signed my first contract with the Rangers I realized how close I was to making my dreams come true.

GC: What was it like playing for the Sudbury Wolves along with future teammate Marc Staal?

DD: Marc was not only a great player but he was a great leader. He's a good guy to be around and a lot of our teams success came as a result of him being so good at what he does.

GC: Where do you envision yourself playing next season and what do you feel you have to do to reach that next level?

DD: I'm going to do whatever I can to make the Rangers in training camp, but I'm still young and Hartford is a great spot for me to develop some of those little things that I need to work on to get myself ready for the next level. This summer, I'm going to really focus on becoming faster and stronger.

GC: Finally, if you were not a professional hockey player, what occupation would you like to have?

DD: I would have been a firefighter!

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