Mr. Olympia 2013 Prize Money: Breaking Down Payouts by Division

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistSeptember 27, 2013

Phil Heath photo via
Phil Heath photo via

The annual Mr. Olympia competition and the surrounding festivities have become the biggest event in the sport of bodybuilding, and the contest’s prize money has reached an all-time record for 2013.

There will be an awe-inspiring one million dollars on the line this weekend, via

When Larry Scott won the inaugural competition held by Joe Weider in 1965, he walked away with a cool $1,000. In 2013, when the Mr. Olympia is crowned, the Sandow Award winner will walk away with $675,000.

That’s an impressive increase that indicates the contest has taken on a life of its own and become more than a niche event. As the Mr. Olympia competition continues to grow, the prize money will also continue to increase.

What They’re Saying

IFBB Professional League president Jim Manion told about how the record-breaking total was amassed:

Without the fans none of this would have happened. Whether you're a fan who attends year after year, a fan who can only make a special trip once in a while, or a first-time fan, it's because of your support of the event and the sport that Olympia Weekend has been getting bigger every year and I know that with all the exciting things happening in the industry, it will continue growing in the coming years. The sky's the limit.

WWE superstar David Otunga is excited about this year’s event and tweeted a fun picture including himself with the greatest in the history of the sport:

2008 Mr. Olympia winner Dexter Jackson shared a picture of just how excited the host city of Las Vegas is for the competition:

Six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates expressed how pumped he is for the event:

Prediction: Phil Heath Wins Third Consecutive Sandow Award

While this is arguably the greatest field of competitors in the history of the Mr. Olympia competition, two-time defending champion Phil Heath has the inside lane to another monumental victory.

Former champions like Jay Cutler and Dexter Jackson, as well as challengers like Kai Greene and Shawn Rhoden, will make this the toughest challenge of Heath’s career. The two-time Mr. Olympia has the mass, conditioning and physique to bring home another championship, though.

As if winning the elusive Sandow Award wasn’t enticing enough, the competition will only be more intense with $675,000 on the line. Expect Heath to hold off his foes and steal the show once again.