New York Knicks: A Draft and A Prayer Away

Lizz Robbins@Lizzs_LockeroomContributor IMay 18, 2009

NEW YORK - MARCH 18: Nate Robinson #4 of the New York Knicks sits on the bench in the closing minutes against the New Jersey Nets at Madison Square Garden March 18, 2009 in New York City. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

The “Final Four” of the NBA is now set and if you aren’t a fan of one of the four teams you’re already looking ahead to the draft.

Being a Knicks fan, I’ve been looking forward to the draft since October. Even though the Knicks have only a 2.8 percent chance of winning the NBA Draft Lottery, I am still optimistic.

If Dolan plays his cards right, the Knicks can move up one of those top two spots. It’s no secret the Knicks need help, there hasn’t been a solid team since Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing left and they haven’t made the playoffs since 2004, when they did it with a losing record.

The past few seasons have literally been a soap opera, reality TV at its best, except the drama was real, non-scripted.

As a Knicks fan the rebuilding excuse is starting to wear thin when defending the team. The Knicks do have a few solid players including David Lee, Chris Duhon and Wilson Chandler.

They are in desperate need of some all around players. Of course on the top of quite a few teams wish lists are Blake Griffin and Stephen Curry. I think Earl Clark, DeMar DeRozan and of course a healthy Ty Lawson could work for the Knicks.

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Let’s not forget about all the quality free agents out there like Ben Gordon, Mike Bibby and Carlos Boozer to name a few. There's also trade possibilities.

It's the NBA, it's where amazing happens.

In preparation for the NBA Draft Lottery tomorrow night, I have my popcorn, my assortment of Knicks lucky charms and a star to wish for results like the 1985 NBA Draft Lottery.

Speaking of the 1985 NBA Draft, rest in peace to Wayman Tisdale. He was the No. 2 pick that year and had an amazing career both on and off the court.

Knicks Nation, we need some positive energy for tomorrow night. I have been a loyal fan for many years. I hate to say it, but I’m a losing season away from finding a new team.