The 2009 NBA Playoffs Have Been Full Of It

Dan SmithCorrespondent IMay 16, 2009

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 19:  Head coach Phil Jackson of the Los Angeles Lakers looks on in the third quarter against the Utah Jazz in Game One of the Western Conference Quarterfinals during the 2009 NBA Playoffs at Staples Center on April 19, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

The English language is full of words that have so many meanings that often, when they are used no one knows exactly what you mean.

To wit...

It can mean drama like the two Game Seven's that will fill the Sunday afternoon TV schedule.

It can mean high ratings like the way ESPN had their highest ratings ever in Game Six between the Lakers and the Rockets.  The number of TV's tuned to Game Six was 7,350,000, so maybe this whole playoff basketball on cable thing is here to stay.

It can mean an old coaching rivalry like the one between Phil Jackson and Rick Adelman.

It hasn't been an according to Hoyle's rivalry since only Jackson has won between the two, but the series have been very large in scope in the past.  In 1992, Jackson's Bulls beat Adelman's Trail Blazers in the NBA Finals.  In 2002, Jackson's Lakers beat Adelman's Kings in the Western Conference Finals.  In 2009, can Adelman's Rockets beat Jackson's Lakers?

It would be quite an upset.

It can mean that no lead is safe like in the Magic/Celtics series where fourth quarter leads have led to losses for the unlucky team that had the lead.  This is a series that really should have been over by now with the Magic winning it.  The Celtics have shown they have a real "it" quality as they continue to defend their title.

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It can mean a lack of harmony like the Orlando Magic have shown as their star player, Dwight Howard, questioned the coaching of Stan Van Gundy while the coach questioned what the team was doing. 

The Magic are a young team that won 59 games in the regular season and are in the midst of a deep run in the playoffs.  It really feels like they are doing this in spite of their coach, Stan Van Gundy, and although GM Otis Smith has said Van Gundy's job is safe, it feels like there are better coaches out there for this team.

It would be safe to say Van Gundy is not even the best coach with Van Gundy as a last name.

It can mean physical play like the style of play brought by the Nuggets in their series with the Dallas Mavericks.  Kenyon Martin pushed Dirk Nowitski to the ground in Game One and when Nowitzki did not get up to talk to Martin, the series was essentially over.  The Mavericks made Game Three close until an amazing shot by Carmelo Anthony.

According to the NBA, the shot should not even have been tried as there was a foul made by Antoine Wright before it.  That led to a lot of acrimony after the game. 

The Maverick fans started calling the Nugget players names and Mark Cuban had a mini-episode where he pushed a camera man, had an incident with Kenyon Martin's mom on the day before Mother's Day, then wrote an apology in a blog that Martin said was not enough.

It was quite a scene after Game Three of the Nuggets/Mavericks matchup.  Game Four showcased even more bad behavior by the Mavericks' fans in a win by Dallas.  The Nuggets closed out the series when back in the safety of the Peps Center in Denver in an impressive Game Five performance.

It can mean a shift in the favorite from the Western Conference, as the Nuggets have made a claim to being the best team in the west now.  Look for one of the Nuggets to push Kobe Bryant to the ground in Game One of the Western Conference Finals to gauge the toughness of the Lakers.  If the Rockets do win Game Seven, then do not expect the Nuggets to push the Rockets best remaining player to the ground since that would be Ron Artest.

It would be foolish to test the toughness of Ron Artest.

It is common to save the best for last, and that is clearly the Cleveland Cavaliers.

They have won all eight of the games they have played in the 2009 NBA Playoffs by 10 points or more.  They beat an old team in Detroit and a young team in Atlanta.  They will finally be tested in the Eastern Conference Finals.

It is still to be determined who they will play.

So as you can see, the 2009 NBA Playoffs have truly been full of it and it should only get better with two Game Sevens as an appetizer to the Conference Finals.  

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