The Nickel: R-Truth Wins, Punk/Morrison vs. Benjamin/Haas, Edge vs. Y2J

AkDSenior Writer IMay 16, 2009

Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas vs. CM Punk and John Morrison

I'm flipping back and forth between happiness and being ticked off, but I'm back to happiness. Notice I didn't mention the World's Greatest Tag Team because...

A) Benjamin and Haas entered with Benjamin's song.

B) They didn't have matching attire

C) Morrison/Benjamin is still the focus

The match was fantastic, Charlie Haas really caught my eye. I've come to the realize theat Haas needs to be on SmackDown television every week. Morrison and Benjamin brought it in the segment-free opening match.


Yes! I said a match that opened the show!

There wasn't a 15 minute segment like a certain Monday night show always does. The athleticism of Benjamin and Morrison was demonstrated through the leaps and counters they performed through out the match.

Charlie Haas gets pinned with Morrison's Starship Pain and he along with Punk get a huge pop. Jim Ross and Todd Grisham practically praised Benjamin through out the entire match.

"Benjamin just needs that one match to elevate him to the next level" - Todd Grisham

"Benjamin has really gotten aggressive these last few weeks" - JR

He'll need more than that, but he and Morrison were definitely the focus. Edge was booked against Jericho and Umaga was going to be saved for Judgment Day, so Punk's involvement was just to be on television.

They Key moment was after the match when Punk and Morrison embraced each other on the stage. The camera shifted to a vindictive Benjamin. Something might be foreshadowed here.

Ricky Ortiz vs. Jeff Hardy

Many aren't high on Ricky Ortiz, but he's decent in my book. Ortiz was watchable and gave a solid effort in his match against Jeff Hardy. The bout didn't last too long, but I can say I wanted it to last a bit a longer...for Ortiz.

Hardy picked up momentum at a certain point in the match and never looked back. Ortiz missed his Big O splash and was hit with the whisper in the wind and twist of fate. The swanton bomb followed as well and Hardy picked up the victory.


Truth is.. R-Truth is popular.

Truth is.. Truth is the talented.

Truth is..Truth really gets a pop.

R-Truth finally got a win for the first time since many can even remember. I do know it's his first win of 2009, it's about time he rang in the new year..even if we're almost halfway through. Mike Knox faced off against Truth in alright match.

Action went back and forth between the men until Truth hit Knox with the corkscrew smashing forearm. It was enough for Truth to pick up the win. I ponder on how his Scissors kick finisher couldn't pin Knox last week, but his smashing forearm did.

Truth requested a rematch after the lost to Knox the week a program in the works?

Edge vs. Chris Jericho

The heels main event? That's something you don't see too often. Jericho whined about not getting respect and stated that everything is a conspiracy. He tried to call out Rey, but Edge interrupted stating hat SD! was his show and called out Jeff Hardy.

Teddy Long came out and booked the two heels against each other in the main event of the night. Edge and Jericho came out to and had an excellent match. Both tried heel tactics like using the ropes and ignoring the ref.

Jericho emerged as the more dominant heel as the two as he gained a lot more heat than the World Heavyweight champion. The match progressed and control shifted back and forth with Edge's sharpshooter and Jericho's walls of Jericho.

They brawled in the in ring and on the outside, but everything came to a halt when Jericho decided he had enough and brought in a chair. Edge kicked Jericho and the bell rang. Hardy ran out and took out Edge which prompted CM Punk to run out trying to cash in the MITB again, but was stopped by Umaga.

The two brawls spilled into the crowds while Jericho slithered up the ramp smiling until Rey Mysterio attacked him from behind and started beating down the eight time IC champ. All hell broke lose on SD!

Rest of the Show

-Melina and Gail Kim Def. Michelle McCool and Alicia Fox

The match was good, Melina has seen the last of Michelle McCool.

-Layla backstage brawls with Eve Torres

Cryme Tyme instigates on the Eve/Layla feud and it results in Eve starting up a fight with Layla, who was trying to get make up on.

-Shelton Benjamin interview on My 9 News after SD!

SmackDown rocked again..RAW who?


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