Renderings for Rio De Janiero Summer Olympic Village Are Delicious Eye Candy

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 5, 2013

We will have to wait a few more years to watch nations spanning the globe come together and deliver another memorable Summer Olympic experience. In the meantime, we can savor the latest renderings of what looks to be a gorgeous Olympic Village. 

BuzzFeed spotted the recent images from AECOM, an architecture firm that is designing the area that will house the 2016 Summer Games. One thing to remember is that these are merely renderings which are meant to sell a design and idea. Of course they are going to be vibrant representations of future plans. 

With that said, we are hopeful Rio 2016 will be stunning. 

AECOM has more on the plans on its website: 

AECOM’s master plan for the project focuses on approximately 300 acres of land in the district of Barra de Tijuca, southwest of Rio. It includes three phases: the Rio Olympic Park area during the 2016 Games, a transition plan and the final position showcasing the site in legacy mode after 2016.

The Games will benefit from venues huddled together in one massive collection, separated by what seems to be a serpentine walkway.  

The website boasts that the Phase 1 pictured "will host 15 Olympic sports competitions and 11 Paralympic contests. The Media Center will also be constructed at the same location, which will host approximately 20,000 journalists." 

You can get a better feel for the layout in the following video:

The firm promises to develop the area in the years following the Games, transforming some of the buildings to encompass an Olympic Training Center that will be maintained to train future athletes.  It seems, from the video, that the hope is to convert the village and surrounding areas into office spaces, as well as a community. 

The hope is to sidestep some of the usual deterioration that has taken place at various former Olympic venues. As The Huffington Post and National Geographic have reported, some cities come to see their once-great Olympic venues age and atrophy after the world gobbles up their Olympic memories and leaves. 

It's an elaborate design with a very simple goal: Bring the world together to participate in the festivities right on the water. If they are able to capture what appears in these images, the Olympics will be all the more captivating come 2016. 

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